18 Apr

Over 1,400 Road Accidents During Rains In Dubai… Could They Have Been Avoided

Over 1,400 road accidents during rains in Dubai... Could they have been avoided

Some driver training CONCEPTS teach us that

“……we should always keep a safe distance between cars and adjust our speed to the weather conditions … ”

“…….allow extra time for the journey and check the planned route.

“……… slow down as rain makes roads slippery,”

“………check the weather condition before jumping behind the wheel and follow safety instructions and regulations to avoid accidents.”

But can we EXPERIENCE these concepts rather than ONLY HEARING them in a classroom training session????

Can we get trained for driving in rain?
Can these accidents be avoided in future?
Can we train our people to handle these circumstances and emergencies like they would in the real world?
YES, we can.


Accidents are more likely to happen during bad weather conditions due to low visibility. But it is possible to train and skill drivers on safe driving concepts like maintaining the safe distance, planning the journey, managing speed and more in a simulated world that is better than real.

Advanced Driving Simulators help you to experience the real world scenarios because, In the virtual world, anything is possible. With advanced driving simulators, driver training institutes can now make learners experience and practice the situations like driving in a sandstorm or heavy rains they might face on real roads under complete safety , Simulators makes it easier for instructors to teach safe driving concepts and transfer knowledge to learners rather than just delivering a lecture and leaving the rest to their imagination.

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