Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS Simulation Module for Automotive Research, Testing & Training


Tecknotrove is proud to announce the launch of TecknoSIM – ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System  simulation module for its range of Tecknotrove Driving Simulators.

TecknoSIM -ADAS Simulation Module allows you to simulate a wide range of ADAS features as seen in vehicles .Integrated with the driving simulators TecknoSIM -ADAS Simulation Module can be used for research and testing of ADAS features on different road conditions  like city, highway and hills by research institutes, universities and OEMS. TecknoSIM -ADAS Simulation Module is also used for driver training and familiarisation purposes driver training institutes around the world.


ADAS Simulation for Testing

ADAS Simulation Module can be integrated with TecknoSIM Driving Simulator to simulate and test the ADAS features in complete safety. TecknoSIM ADAS Simulator allows the drivers to interact with AI vehicles and helps in evaluate human interaction and behaviour under varying weather ,terrains and hazard situations . Testing on ADAS Simulator helps in shortening the automotive design and manufacturing cycle virtually without the need for hardware prototypes or a physical driving test track.

ADAS Simulation for Driver training

ADAS Simulation Module can be integrated with TecknoSIM Driving Simulator to train drivers on use of ADAS features . Repeated training in complex situations  and real-time evaluation helps drivers to get a better understanding on the use of ADAS features while driving to improve safety . Continuous training on ADAS driving simulator can lead to reductions in the number of traffic-related deaths and injuries on roads.


TecknoSIM -ADAS Simulation Module is integrated with the ADAS control panel on the Driving simulator which allows the driver to select the ADAS features  on the instrument cluster as experienced in actual vehicle.

TecknoSIM -ADAS simulation module includes the following ADAS features :


  • Parking Assist
  • Reverse Parking Collision
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane-Keeping Assist
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring
  • Forward Collision Warning


TecknoSIM – ADAS simulation module is integrated and compatible with the following Driving Simulators

Truck Simulator

Car Simulator

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