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Driver Training Programs and Services

TecknoSIM offers simulator based Driver Training Programs and Service Courses for commercial drivers of light, medium and heavy vehicles. Our driver training programs are realistic and include research-based curriculums. Our blended approach of driver training includes use of videos, simulators and interactive games that makes the training engaging and unique. Our progressive driver training techniques are customised to suit client requirement. Off-the-shelf courses are aimed at increasing fuel efficiency, road safety and overall skills of the driver which help in reducing downtime and operating costs of operators. Simulators allow drivers to get first hand experience on driving under different terrains and weather conditions under complete safety. Our trainers ensure that your drivers are trained properly and your fleet operates at a high efficiency level.

Bus Driving Simulator

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Applications of Driver Training Programs and Services

Driver Training Programs and Service Courses are designed for:

2 Wheeler Riders
Taxi Drivers
Last Mile Delivery Vehicles
School Bus Drivers
Commercial Truck Drivers
Trailer Drivers
Tanker Drivers
Corporate Drivers Who Drive Company-Owned Vehicles
Police Drivers for Training on Emergency Situations
Drivers Carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Goods
Driver Carrying Overdimesional Cargo

Delivery Methods


Defensive Driver Training Program

Includes training on Defensive driving strategies and techniques to reduce the chance of motor vehicle collisions. The program exposes the driver to dangerous situations that occur on roads through simulators. Drivers are trained on defensive driving techniques and hazard perception skills required to drive safely. With the help of an advanced driving simulator, various defensive driving and hazard perception techniques are taught to the driver under complete safety.

Types & Identification of Hazards on Road:

  • Building Anticipation Skills
  • Building Anticipation Skills
  • Material Handling
  • Night Driving
  • Turning, Backing and Parking
  • Road Sharing and Gap Maintenance
  • Importance of Vehicle Maintainence
  • Handling Emergencies on Road

Eco-Driving Program

Eco-driving can be described as the fuel efficient operation of any vehicle to achieve better fuel economy. The drivers who adopt eco- driving techniques will drive in a more fuel efficient manner and also drive in a safer manner. They should achieve fuel savings of between 10 and 15 per cent and also achieve a reduction in driving risk.

Some of the benefits of Eco-Driving Program are:

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Reduced Vehicle/Fleet Operating Costs
  • Reduced Vehicle Maintainence
  • Improved Driving Techniques

Distracted Driving Program

Distracted is a huge cause of concern in India as 40% of work accidents have been attributed to the same. The program helps the drivers to get a first-hand experience of dangers and consequences of distracted driving. The program helps in building the right attitude towards safe and responsible driving.

The program includes:

  • Introduction to Types of Distractions while Driving
  • Dangers of Using Cell Phones while Driving
  • Dangers of Alcohol Impaired Driving
  • Managing Fatigue and Tiredness

Vehicle Familarisation

Some company fleet vehicles are updated every two or three years. It is therefore likely that the drivers of those vehicles will be regularly exposed to the requirement to drive vehicles with new and unfamiliar technology such as:

  • Electronic or foot operated parking brakes
  • Keyless ignition systems
  • Auto stop engines
  • Electric vehicles
  • Discreet gear change levers
  • Hybrid drive systems
  • Advanced automatic and semi-automatic transmissions

Customised Driver Training Program

We understand that each industry is different and has different training needs. Hence we design our driver training curriculum to suit your requirement.

Some of the industries we customised training for include:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • Government and Muncipality
  • Overdimensional Cargo Companies
  • Ports

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