Ambulance Driving simulator

TecknoSIM Ambulance Driving simulator trains and evaluates operators on safe driving and first aid Ambulance training. It is ideal to train ambulance drivers insituations like safe parking, picking patients up from the scene, and delivering patients safely to the hospital so that they can confidently face the situations in real life work scenario with minimal mistakes. The simulator is an actual replica of an ambulance having working lights, sirens combined with real vehicle controls like steering wheel, brake, gear, pedals, indicators and switches. The simulator can be designed for both left and right hand driving countries. Display and sound system ensures immersive environment for the operator. Faults can be introduced by the trainer during the on-going training exercise.

TecknoSIM Ambulance Driving simulator

Applications of Ambulance Driving simulator

TecknoSIM Ambulance Driving simulators are used for:

Training and Testing of Ambulace Drivers
Preparing Ambulance Drivers for Emegency Situations

Product Range

Software Features

Driving Terrains

Driving Terrains

TecknoSIM Software includes multiple terrains for comprehensive driver training. Drivers can learn and practise on different terrains like city roads, residential roads, commercial areas and mountain roads. Training is based on scenarios specific to driving an ambulance. The terrains are customized to country specific traffic regulations. Adjustable day/night condition, fog, rain, snow condition are inbuilt. The traffic level can be adjusted depending upon the skill level of driver.

Training Modules

Training Modules

Ambulance Driving Simulator has progressive training modules suitable for both initial and advanced driver training. Special modules are available to train drivers on defensive driving and driving in risky situations. Scenarios are especially designed for training and testing ambulance drivers. Customized training modules are developed as per client requirement as well in multiple languages.

Testing and Evaluation

The drivers are automatically evaluated in real time by the simulator on their driving skills, road violations, defensive situation and driving behavior. The simulator generates a detailed driving evaluation report for each driver at the end of the scenario. The record and replay feature allows the instructor to replay the scenario and train the drivers on their mistakes.

Instructor Software

The instructor software is designed to enable the instructor to register each driver and plan his training. The software allows the instructor to set different driving situations, inject faults like tire blowout, child crossing the road or other distractions. The real-time view of the driver screen and advanced reporting system give full control to the instructor to make his training productive.

Group Training

Multiple simulators are interconnected to a single instructor to allow for training drivers in a group and is useful for training drivers together in different scenarios.

Hardware Features

Driving Station

Driving Station

Driving station is a replica of the actual vehicle OEM controls like brake, clutch, gear, gauges, and force feedback steering wheel are used in building the cockpit. Reconfigurable glass dashboard with and LED instrument panel, displays the instruments, gauges, indicator lights, and switches allowing the rapid selection of different truck configurations without changing hardware. The controls are placed in ergonomically correct locations for a realistic driving experience. All TecknoSIM simulators support right-hand and left-hand steering with the necessary software and hardware adaptations required. The simulator can be configured as generic to accommodate multiple vehicle types in the same hardware with conversion kits. All gear ratios and transmission types available on the market can be simulated, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed transmissions.

display system

Display System

Driving scenarios are displayed on 3 large LED Screens giving upto 180° immersive display. High-definition projectors with curved screen display for front view are used in case of a full-scale simulator set up. Additonal screens for rear view display and blind spot display are provided as required.

motion system

Motion System

TecknoSIM Driving Simulators incorporate an integrated electric motion system that is compact and low on maintenance. The electric actuators provide cues for vehicle acceleration and deceleration, road curvature and obstacles such as sidewalks and pot holes and many other road features. Vehicle engine vibrations are simulated as a function of the RPM. Vibrations from the tires on the road surface changes with change in vehicle speed and road surface. Motion systems are available in options of three degrees of motion (3DOF) and six degrees of freedom (6DOF) and are designed for maintainence free operations.

Instructor Station

Instructor Station

The instructor station controls the driving station and allows trainers with the following options:

  • Managing database of trainees and instructors
  • Controlling multiple simulators
  • Creation of new exercises
  • Modifying the environment in a running session
  • Injecting vehicle faults in a running session
  • Record and replay of saved sessions
  • Managing performance evaluation reports
  • Calibration of simulators


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Royal Oman Police trusts Tecknotrove for setting up driver training simulators across Oman

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