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GSE operator and airside safety training services offered by TecknoSIM aims to create efficiency and increase on-time performance on the airside. As the profitability of an airline business depends on how quickly can the aircraft be turned around, it’s crucial to ensure all ground operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Aircraft turnaround depends on a lot of factors that include passenger boarding, cargo loading and unloading, aircraft fuelling, cabin cleaning and galley servicing. GSE operator training solution ensures schedules are maintained, operations are undertaken with utmost safety and training costs are kept low.


Training Features of GSE Operator

Training Challenges

Training Challenges

  • Airside environment can be noisy and dangerous for a fresh trainee to train in
  • Training is subject to weather and daylight conditions
  • Airside access requires comprehensive background checks and multiple security checks, making it a lengthy process
  • Limited time is available for training in a live airside environment due to operational restrictions
  • Abnormal and critical situations are difficult and costly to replicate in a live airside environment

Training Value

Training Value

Our training focuses on the following aspects that are essential to maintain high levels of operational efficiency at airports:

  • Airside procedures and safety standards
  • Familiarization with airside
  • Driving and operating under different weather and daylight conditions
  • Training on equipment specific operation
  • Understanding of airside marking and lighting system
  • Training on different levels of ADP

Training Benefits

Training Benefits

  • Highly immersive training experience free from distractions
  • Minimized interruptions to airside operations
  • High impact and focused training with high learner retention
  • Custom built scenarios designed to improve skill levels
  • Live training on potential hazards
  • Scientific assessment with detailed reporting system
  • Training under complete safety with no risk to personnel or property
  • Scalable training platform
  • Faster turnaround of operations


Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR 1920 1279 Tecknotrove

Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR

An MRO services is only as efficient as its technicians; hence effective training of the technicians makes great business sense.

Tecknosim Airport Driving Simulators to train and test ground handlers operation gin DIAL 1280 960 Tecknotrove

Tecknosim Airport Driving Simulators to train and test ground handlers operation gin DIAL

DIAL invests in TecknoSIM Airport driving simulators for training and testing its operators on the DIAL Airside.

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