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Reduce Incidences
Reduce Driver Attrition
Improve Vehicle Performance

Driver Training Simulators

Driving Simulators are available for both types of vehicles: Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. In addition to the Electric Vehicle simulator, customised VR training modules can be developed specifically for training technicians on electric vehicles. A technician can learn how to inspect, diagnose and perform service using the virtual reality headset. VR Simulators for electric vehicles are also developed to train workers on manufacturing and assembly of a vehicle in a virtual environment under complete safety.

Tecknotrove offers a wide range of driving training simulators that are replicas of actual vehicles. Driving Simulators are designed for cars, vans, trucks, buses, tankers, trailers and motorbikes for both Military and Civilian applications. Tecknotrove provides a range of solutions right from standalone desktop based driving simulators upto advanced training simulators with motion systems. We also set up and run technology enabled driver training and testing centers for corporates and government licensing authorities. In additon to this we offer onsite driver training services for corporates to help them develop skilled and safe drivers.

3d airside training simulator & Ramp safety simulator

TecknoSIM Driver Training Simulator Demo

Product Range

Effective driver training and driver assessment has a huge impact on productivity and safety levels of the drivers. Tecknotrove offers highly realistic driving training simulators and Virtual reality driver training solutions for a wide range of vehicles such as car, SUVs, vans, trucks, tankers, motorcycles and many more. Through its driving training simulators, Tecknotrove is able to provide engaging content that gives trainees a comprehensive learning experience.

Car Driving Simulator

Car Driving Simulator

Truck Driving simulator

Commercial Truck Driving and Heavy Vehicle Training Simulator

Commercial Truck Driving and Heavy Vehicle Training Simulator

Passenger Bus Driving Simulator

Passenger Bus Driving Simulator

Motorcycle Driving Simulator

Motorcycle Driving Simulator

Ambulance Driving Simulator

Ambulance Driving Simulator

Rehab Driving Simulator

Rehab Driving Simulator

Vehicle Walkaround Inspection (VR)

Vehicle Walkaround Inspection (VR)

Driver Profiling System

Driver Profiling System

Driver Training Services

Driver Training Services

TecknoSIM Benefits

Mining Simulators Training

Customised training programs - Train drivers as per your needs

TecknoSIM training programs are customised to solve unique training challenges and meet client requirements. The programs are designed to match the road environments, road rules, training language, training objectives, vehicle types and assessment criterias. Simulation exercises can be designed based on past incidences or route specific challenges.

Mining Simulators Training

Allow Standardization of Driver Training and Testing

Driving simulators deliver standardized training that is completely independent of the training site or the trainer. The training modules on the driving simulator are set in line with the learning objectives of the customer, which makes it possible for the trainers to train and evaluate each driver on the same objectives, and achieve the desired results. This helps in improving the overall training quality.

Reduced Training Costs

Training in a well designed and realistic virtual environment on a driving simulator helps in training the drivers faster and better. Studies show that one hour of training on simulator is equivalent to three hours of training on real vehicle, thus saving a considerable amount of training time and cost. Driving simulators also reduce the need for fuel and actual vehicle for training. The group training simulator set up allow the instructor to train multiple drivers at the same time thus reducing the training cost and time

Prepare Drivers for Emergency Situations

Driving simulators are well suited to train and test drivers on basic driving skills. Studies prove that driving simulators prove beneficial while training advanced drivers on realistic road conditions, which are not possible to create in real life. With the help of simulators driving instructors can create multiple emergency situations like difficult weather conditions, Hazardous vehicle movement, vehicle breakdowns, jaywalking pedestrians in a short duration of time. Trained drivers show improvement in their vehicle control, traffic management skills, hazard anticipation, decision-making skills and overall driving behavior.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

High cost of fuel reduces the overall profits. Driving simulator helps logistic companies in calculating the fuel consumption of the driver by using parameters like speed,braking, acceleration, gear changes and clutch riding. These parameters help in analyzing and improving the driving skills for better economy. Eco driving module on the simulator teaches best practices, which enables the logistic companies and fleet owners to minimize the fuel consumption and reduce driving expenses.

Improves On-Road Safety

Regular training in a controlled environment helps in preparing drivers for a variety of situations . Studies show that commercial drivers who received simulator training had fewer crashes compared drivers who only practiced with real cars. Repeated training through predesigned scenarios with automatic & objective scoring allows drivers to learn at their own pace with or without trainer supervision. Continuous training on simulators eventually helps in reducing the number of incidences & building safe and trained drivers with safer roads.


1. Are there any simulators for Heavy vehicle driving and Defensive driving training?

Are there any simulators for Heavy vehicle driving and Defensive driving training

● Commercial Bus Driving Simulator
● Passenger Bus Driving
● Emergency Vehicle Simulator
● Truck Simulator
● Hazchem Truck Driving Simulator
● Cargo Loader Simulator
● Tipper Simulator
● Dumper Simulator
● Dozer Simulator
● Excavator Simulator
● Backhoe Loader Simulator

2. Are there any training simulators for EV?

Yes, Tecknotrove offers a customized VR training solutions for Electric Vehicle inspection training
that is effective in saving line inspection time and improving efficiency.Customized Solutions are
developed for EV manufacturing training

3. Is it safe to learn driving on a simulator?

Learning to drive on a simulator is the quickest & safest way out there! Learning the basic controls of
the vehicle, learning to drive in difficult terrains, identifying potential hazards and overcoming them
on a simulator enhances skills without putting the driver at risk.

4. Are VR simulators effective in safety assessment too?

VR training Simulators makes it possible to safely simulate risky scenarios that are almost impossible to replicate in the real world. This allows trainers to assess drivers on critical scenarios safely in a controlled environment while preventing damage to equipment, property or loss of life. The trainees are better prepared for emergency situations when trained in VR.

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