Does your business require training for employees that is immersive, scalable and can be taken anywhere?

TecknoSIM offers VR training solutions to organizations that need to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and scale VR applications to supplement their current training and productivity efforts. TecknoSIM is a leader in providing virtual reality training solutions for industrial training applications that are immersive, realistic and effective. Our solutions allow trainees to explore, interact and be part of the virtual environment while learning. Trainees are immersed within the worksite and can interact with the environment and perform tasks under complete safety. Whether in a classroom, industrial, or corporate scenario, the TecknoSIM VR solutions can supplement or replace or compliment traditional training and education methods by introducing user-friendly immersive lessons and content.


Tecknotrove develops virtual reality solutions for enterprises across various industries. We stay focused on client requirements and develop customized VR solutions that solve real industry challenges. TecknoSIM VR solutions help you gain competitive advantage through training of your workforce in a cost-effective manner. Our solutions can supplement or replace traditional training by introducing user-friendly immersive content and training modules. VR headset and controller immerses the learner quickly into the virtual environment and ensures engagement during training. We develop customized virtual reality solutions in multiple languages for industries like Automotive, Airside, Mining, and Nuclear.

VR Vehicle Walk-Around Inspection Training

This module is designed to train drivers on conducting a detailed vehicle inspection and identify vehicle defects before getting on-road and making sure the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

VR Motorbike Training Simulator

Designed for training novices on basic motorbike riding skills.


VR Aircraft Inspection Training

Designed to train the ground handling staff on conducting a turnaround inspection of aircraft.

VR Ramp Safety Training

Trains ground handling staff on conducting ramp safety checks on airside

VR Aircraft Maintenance Training

Trains ground handling staff on conducting an inspection of the Landing Gear system of an aircraft


VR Mine Site Familiarization

Familiarizes the Operator with the mine site environment and Standard operating procedures.

VR Machine Inspection Training

Trains the operator on conducting a machine walkaround inspection before starting operations. Available for all surface mining equipment.


VR Confined Spaces Training

Trains workers for working and operating in confined spaces.



Getting employees out of work together for training is difficult and leads to productivity loss. Virtual Reality allows you to train individual employees or even small groups of people in multiple locations at the same time. Training in Virtual Reality is efficient and quick as the same lesson can be practiced multiple times in different locations on any VR device.


Conventional Training requires ample investment in resources, and personnel that provide limited results. Virtual Reality technology enables learning by doing providing realistic on-the-job training experience. VR allows replicating real-life scenarios for hands on interactive training resulting in a better training retention and improved efficiency.


VR training makes it possible to safely simulate risky scenarios that are almost impossible to replicate in the real world. This allows trainees to repeatedly practice critical scenarios safely in a controlled environment while preventing damage to equipment, property or loss of life. The trainees are better prepared for emergency situations when trained in VR.


Experiential Training through Virtual Reality applications requires the trainee to actively participate in the exercise. Reports show that trainees show higher attention and knowledge retention while learning via Virtual Reality as compared to conventional training methods


Training in Virtual Reality gives real-time feedback on trainee performance. Trainees are evaluated based on their performance and their reports are stored for future training and certification process. Objective evaluation system clearly displays the efficiency of skills transfer and better captures the effectiveness of time and money spent on training.

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