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Tecknotrove Systems is Asia’s largest manufacturer of Training simulators and simulation solutions. Tecknotrove designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced simulators for a variety of “Critical Training Applications”. Being a leading player in the industry, Tecknotrove is committed to continuous innovation and Research & Development. The company’s expertise lies in its ability to develop simulation technologies for real-world customer training needs. Whether it is improving productivity and safety, lowering operating costs or training and preparing teams. Tecknotrove has the expertise to analyze its client’s needs and deliver customized simulation solutions that give real results.


Infantry Combat Training Simulator

Mining Simulator | Construction Equipment Simulator


“Tecknotrove has successfully designed and deployed customized VR training Simulators and Simulation solutions in 28 countries around the world. Our customer base includes corporates, contractors, OEMs, governments, dealers, and training institutes around the world. Over the years we have served a wide variety of sectors like Automotive, Aviation, Mining, Defence and Military, Emergency Services, Logistics, Warehousing, Oil & gas, Ports, and Nuclear.

Tecknotrove helps its clients identify their training gaps and address their most critical training needs, through interactive and immersive training solutions that are scalable and deliver the results expected.  With over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of Advanced Simulators and VR Training Solutions and over 1000 projects delivered, Tecknotrove continues to innovate and Digitise your training with the latest in VR training and Simulation.”

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