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Tecknotrove Infantry Combat Training Simulator is an advanced firearm training simulator designed to effectively train soldiers on weapon handling, marksmanship skills, group firing and advanced tactical scenarios. The Infantry Combat Training Simulator enables the Army, Airforce and Navy to plan perform and rehearse future missions in a safe, all-weather, virtual environment. With the weapon training simulator, soldiers learn to handle and fire a range of firearms including the Rifle, Pistol, Light Machine Gun, Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Glock and INSAS at different ranges. The weapon training simulator is developed for preparing the military, paramilitary, border security forces and law enforcement entities for real world combat scenarios in a completely safe environment without the risks, hazards and costs involved.


Tecknotrove Infantry Combat Training Simulator is compatible for training soldiers on various firearms

  • Medium Machine Guns (MMG)
  • 9mm Pistol
  • Assault Rifle AK 203
  • 56 INSAS Rifle
  • Assault Rifle AK-47
  • Light Machine Gun (LMG)
  • 9 mm Carbine
  • MP5
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19,
  • SLR 7.62
Ak47 & Insas 5.56 Gun Simulator

Weapon Simulator Configuration

Infantry Combat Training Simulators is a replica of an actual weapon that is designed to operate in a simulated virtual environment. The simulated gun is designed with actual ergonomics with a realistic recoil and feedback on shooting.  Multiple targets are projected on a screen at various distances, where shooting drills can be practiced by gunners. Multiple types of terrain under varying light and environmental conditions makes weapon training engaging and realistic. In addition, advanced engagement of targets in battlefield scenarios can also be practiced.

Instructor Operator Station

The Advanced instructor station controls the firearm simulator. The station helps the instructor to set up training scenarios and monitor the training in real-time. All the actions of the trainee are recorded. The record and replay feature enables instructors to review the trainee performance, identify errors and suggest corrective course of action. The detailed reports of trainees’ performance enable after-action performance reviews and help the gunners repeat the training until perfected.

Instructor Operator Station
Tactical Training

Tactical Training ( Mission Specific Training )

The Infantry Combat Training Simulator allows training troops in a group in customised scenarios like ambush, counter-terrorism, attack, defence, hostage rescue and variety of anti-terrorist or conventional scenarios. This weapon simulator is able to generate various types of targets, exercises as per training needs or mission needs of the user. Training can be conducted on multiple simulated firearms in difficult weather conditions  & light conditions.

Customised Weapon Training Solutions

With an inhouse R&D and manufacturing facility and team of experts, Tecknotrove has the capability to   provide customised solutions for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies . Our customizable weapon training simulations deliver safe and realistic training that allows you to effectively train your teams in the use of firearms. We are continuously working  with our clients closely to develop customised training solutions that meets the training requirements, so you can be sure you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that will perfectly fit your needs for years to come.



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