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Tecknotrove develops customized Gamified & interactive learning solutions for industrial training  applications. Studies show that learning is most effective when having fun. Our programs help you to  enhance the skills of your teams in a safe and fun environment. Tecknotrove develops engaging  content that incorporates real-life scenarios to meet your organisation’s training needs and goals.  Our teams continuously innovate to develop scalable training solutions that help our customers  induct and train their teams in multiple languages. Use of interactive learning elements like:  instructional games, simulations and video scenarios engage the learner completely ,accelerates  their productivity and improves their retention.

Our  Range of Services Include :

  • Interactive learning Solutions
  • Game Based Training Programs
  • 2D & 3D Animations and Videos
  • Testing and Certification Modules

What is Interactive Learning?

Interactive learning means using interactive exercises to engage users and reinforce a specific skill or concept. Interactive learning programs use techniques from the game world like puzzles, simulations, board games, situational games and scores to make training more effective, competitive and making learning fun.

Why Gamified & Interactive Learning?

  • Improvement in skills
  • Beer participation in training
  • Higher knowledge retenon
  • Beer employee retenon
  • Boost in employee confidence
  • High return on investment
  • Convert the content into interactive
  • Online Training modules
  • Existing content is updated with
  • simulated and gamified training modules
Gamified & Interactive Learning

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Interactive learning
Interactive learning

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