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Tecknotrove provides the ultimate in surface drill rig simulator training for mines with its latest Blasthole Drill Simulator. The simulator is based on actual drilling equipment with fully functional controls and is focused on increasing operator safety, improving mining productivity and reducing the cost of unscheduled maintenance.  Tecknotrove’s Convertible Kit enables to accommodate Drilling machine from multiple OEMS that allows you to obtain maximum simulator efficiency. Blasthole Drill Simulator is inbuilt with progressive training modules and records surface drill rig operator errors and events in real-time. The advanced instructor module continuously monitor while training operators for working in difficult conditions and preventing equipment damage while working on mine sites.

Convertible Kits

Tecknotrove Surface Drill Rig Simulator is compatible with convertible kits. Convertible kits are interchangeable equipment that fit onto base simulator platforms allowing the customer to use a range of multiple equipment on the same simulator.  The simulator cab is designed to be easily removed from the motion platform and swapped for another cab within 15- 20 minutes and allows TecknoSIM clients to maximise their return on investment.


Applications of Surface Drill Rig Simulator

Excavator Simulator

Control Familarisation

Increased Operator Safety

Skilled Operators

Excavator Simulator

Minimising Unscheduled Maintenance


Measured Training Outcome

Excavator Simulator

Productivity Improvement

Excavator Simulator

Fuel Management

Excavator Simulator

Site Safety Training

TecknoSIM TMS -Training Management System

Tecknotrove offers a unique cloud based training management TMS tool that allows you to scale your training operations. With TMS you manage your training remotely at a click of a button . Trainers can create , assign, schedule, review, monitor and update your training programs remotely and ensure that your training needs are defined and implemented successfully to deliver expected results at lowest possible cost. Training Programs including gamified learning, VR training and Simulator training all can be uploaded and controlled together on Tecknotrove TMS. For demo contact us on

Product Features

Virtual Mine environment

Surface Drill Rig Simulator is delivered with a virtual mine environment and AI equipments such as haul trucks, shovels, dozers, loaders, tippers for a highly realistic training and evaluation process. Real-time weather like rain, snow, fog, dust and daylight conditions add to the realis and help operators practice in normal and risky mining conditions before operating the actual machine. Custom mine sites are developed for clients virtually that include roads, pits, loading areas, crash sites, and parking lots as per their mine site.

Training Modules

Training modules are progressive and contain a larger number of real-world mine operation scenarios, suited for both new and experienced surface drill operators. Operators learn tramming, positioning, drilling, retracting with difficult weather like rain, fog, dust, and night. Emergency situations like engine fire and failures, operating with critical blind spots ensures that the operator is trained for the real mines with no loss of production and no danger of accidents, even in the most complex of emergency situations.

Testing and Evaluation

Surface Drill Rig simulator monitors, records, and evaluates operators in real-time on various parameters during tramming, positioning, drilling, retracting, and parking. A report is generated at the end of each training session detailing the skill, safety and productivity levels of the trainee. Advanced reports are generated for response to emergency situations and equipment failures. Record and replay allow the instructor to replay the scenario and analyse their mistakes. Reports with the instructor’s after-action review provides a complete operator training and evaluation system.

Instructor Software

It allows instructors to register each driver and plan their training using the instructor software. It allows the instructor to set different driving situations and inject faults like a tire blowout, a child crossing the road, or other distractions. An advanced reporting system and real-time driver screen allow instructors to control the training process fully.

Group Training

Instructor station is a centralised control station that can control upto 4 simulators at the same time. Multiple mining simulators can be interconnected to a single instructor to allow training operators in a group. This allows a single instructor to manage multiple simulators simultaneously. Group training on a simulator is a cost-effective method for training a large number of mining operators at the same time remotely through a single instructor. For more information contact our team today.

Simulator Operator Cab

Operating Cab of the Blast hole Drill simulator is a replica of an actual Drilling machine. Simulator is offers with option of Static and motion platform . In the cab, the seating, joysticks levers, buttons and switches, lights, horns, indicators, pedals, gauges, and instruments are ergonomically correct and operate according to their real-world counterparts. The Surface Drill Simulator includes all necessary hardware and software modules, a visual system with 4 screens , inbuilt training modules and a fully functional operating cab for a realistic experience.

Visual Display System

Visual system with high definition graphics is a key component of the training simulator. that increases training realism and immerses the operators in real-world mining environments. The display system of Drilling Simulators is available in multiple options of LED screen display for a 120 degree field of view, curved screens display for a seamless 180-degree display. Additional screens are provided for blind spots and rear view while operating with other machines.

TecknoSIM InMotion System

TecknoSIM Mining Simulators  are delivered with a compact, portable and maintenance free Inmotion system based on electric actuators. The Inmotion system provides accurate equipment feedback for a realistic mining operating experience on a mine like feeling of engine, drilling , turning, jerks, collisions , gradients, material and soil interaction and is available in options of three degrees of motion (3 DOF) and six degrees of freedom (6 DOF).

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Advanced Instructor Operating Station (AIOS)

Instructor Operating Station is the main controlling station that allows instructors to set up and manage the simulator training. Advanced IOS setup allows instructors to manage trainee database set scenarios, monitor the training progress, insert machine faults or incidents, identify training gaps and record and replay the performance in real-time for detailed analysis and feedback the Instructor software allows the instructor to print reports at the end of each training session .


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