Tecknotrove Adds Blasthole Drill Simulator To Its Line Of Surface Mining Simulators

Tecknotrove Adds Blasthole Drill Simulator To Its Line Of Surface Mining Simulators

Tecknotrove Adds Blasthole Drill Simulator To Its Line Of Surface Mining Simulators 2560 1920 Tecknotrove

Tecknotrove launched its latest  Blasthole Drill Rig Simulator earlier this year adding a new product to its existing wide range of simulators for surface mining and construction equipment  . Tecknotrove ‘s latest Simulator is designed for Surface Drill Rigs that operates on  surface mines and construction sites . This state-of-the-art training equipment is designed  to simulate the operation of  a drill simulator suitable for training and testing operators on Blasthole Drill Simulators , which can be designed & customised to meet various OEM make and model.

The operator cab of the Drill simulator replicates the exact functionalities of  a blast hole drilling equipment with fully operational controls. Simulator is delivered with the option of 3DOF and  6DOF electric motion platform that gives a realistic feedback of machine operation and material interaction . Simulator utilizes four large LED screens for an immersive display. Equipped with a Software Convertible Kit of the simulator allows trainees to learn operations on both the equipment DTH and Top hammer machine,  on a single simulator machine providing scalability in training while reducing cost and improving productivity at the same time.  Control panel  is integrated on a touch screen panel that replicates the intelligent features of both the drill machines.

Tecknotrove Blasthole Drill Simulator for delivers training on operation of blastholes with accuracy and precision. The inbuilt training modules with a detailed scoring system helps the operators not only to improve their skills  but also to operate with safety and increase their productivity levels .The Simulator enables training on  setting up of machine, basic tramming , positioning of the drill , rod handling, advanced drilling using multiple drill bits , retracting drill bits from hole to name a few . Emergency conditions like engine fire are included for advanced SOP training. Detailed evaluation reports records the errors like positioning error, alignment errors, session duration and other critical operational errors during a running session. The simulator software provides an all new  3D walkaround view that allows the operator to inspect the drill and learn the maintenance of the machine in a virtual environment 

Tecknotrove’s latest Training Management System (TMS-  a cloud based system allows its clients  to collectively schedule, assign , monitor and review the training progress in real-time . TMS gives access to VR training, E-learning and Simulator training modules on a single platform . The unique dashboard created for client allows them to manage unlimited trainees from multiple locations at a click of a button. For over 2 decades, Tecknotrove has been leading in the space of simulation and training . Over the past few years Tecknotrove has worked with some of the largest mining companies and OEMS  in India including Tata Steel, Coal India, Nalco, Western Coal Fields , Komatsu , BEML, Scania, Bharat Benz,  L&T Engineering to name a few.  


The company has recently launched its new brand identity that reflects the company’s renewed commitment to delivering precise simulation based training solutions today, to help clients build a perfect tomorrow. The new branding encapsulates the company’s focus  to  serve its partners with the most innovative solutions that allow them to train better .Shantanu Gupta , Founder & MD ,Tecknotrove Systems – “As we move on to a new beginning , our focus remains to be the trusted partner for our clients and offer the most advanced simulation solutions to solve critical problems . With 100% indigenous development, an in-house R&D capability and a strong service support network , we are in a position to offer the best in class simulation training solutions to the world “

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