Baggage Tractor Simulator

TecknoSIM Baggage Tractor Simulator is an advanced training tool to effectively train and evaluate baggage tractor operators in a realistic airside environment. The simulator is based on the actual equipment cab with realistic controls. Equipment dynamics and operations are realistically replicated by the simulator. A detailed report is generated on the operator performance at the end of each session. New operators can gain the basic and advanced skills they shall need to be safe, efficient and prepared on the job, while experienced operators can refine their skills.

Baggage Tractor Simulator

Application of Baggage Tractor Simulator

TecknoSIM Baggage Tractor Simulators are widely used for

Airside Familiarization
Procedural Training on Different Load Conditions
Incident Preparedness Training
Equipment Specific Training
Operator Testing and Certification

Equipment Types

Product Range

Software Features

Virtual Airside Environment

Virtual Airside Environment

TecknoSIM Airside environment is a realistic replica of the airside. The terrain including GSE roads, aprons with airside markings and signages are designed as per ICAO standards. TecknoSIM Airside Terrain bundle includes remote bays and aprons with aerobridges, aprons for different aircraft types for a realistic training experience. Terrain bundle also includes a variety of aircraft (narrow and wide-body), GSE equipment, terminal buildings, other key buildings as seen at the airside, aprons, taxiway and runways.

Training Modules

TecknoSIM Baggage Tractor Simulator is designed to train novice and experienced operators. The software includes a variety of training modules and as the trainee progresses in the training session the level of difficulty and operations changes. The training modules are designed for operations on both narrow and wide-body aircraft. The real-time change in weather like rain, fog, snow, dust and daytime conditions add to the realism. Operators are trained and evaluated on operations pertaining to towing baggage carts between aircraft and terminal facility quickly and efficiently with a variety of load.

Training Modules

  • Control Familarization
  • Manuevering
  • Dumping of Material
  • Dozing
  • Ripping
  • Berm Creation

*Customised scenarios are developed as per client requirement in multiple languages.

Testing and Evaluation

Performance Evaluation of the trainee is an inbuilt feature of TecknoSIM Simulators. The simulator conducts a real-time evaluation of the trainees on their skills, knowledge, safety and productivity. A detailed evaluation report for each trainee is generated and stored in the Instructor software. The reports are stored in the trainee database and can be retrieved anytime by the instructor for further analysis. The record and replay feature allows the instructor to replay the scenario and train the operators on their mistakes.

Testing and Evaluation
Instructor Software

Instructor Software

TecknoSIM Instructor Software allows the trainer to control the sessions and maximize simulation training. The software allows the instructor to

    • Manage a database of trainees and instructors
    • Control multiple simulators at the same time
    • Create new exercises
    • Modify the environment in a running session
    • Inject faults in a running session
    • Record and replay of saved sessions
    • Manage performance evaluation reports
    • Simulator maintenance
    • Calibration & diagnostics

Group Training

Group Training

TecknoSIM team play is an advanced training plugin that allows multiple players to operate and learn in the same working environment.

Hardware Features

Operating Station

Operating Station

The simulator operator cab is a replica of the baggage tractor cab with an actual seat, force feedback steering and controls. All the controls are placed in ergonomically correct locations. The engine dynamics of the equipment are realistically designed to maximize the training value with respect to equipment operations under different conditions. TecknoSIm Simulators comes with an option of equipment specific simulator cab or generic configuration. TecknoSIM Convertible Kit options allow the user to accommodate multiple equipment types in the same simulator base unit.

Display System

The visual system is a key component of the training simulator. A properly designed visual system increases the level of realism and immerses the operators in real-world environments. The display system of the simulator is available in multiple options of single-screen display of 32″, Three 32″ screen display, Curved screens with multiple projectors for seamless 180-degree display.

Display System
motion system

Motion System

TecknoSIM Simulators incorporate an integrated electric motion system that is compact and low on maintenance. The electric motion platform reproduces the effects and motions as experienced while operating the actual equipment. The electric actuators provide cues for operators on equipment dynamics, road surface, aircraft weight, engine vibrations, tires vibrations and more. Motion systems are available in options of three degrees of motion (3DOF) and six degrees of freedom (6DOF ) and are designed for maintenance-free operations.

Instructor Station

Instructor Station

TecknoSIM Simulators is equipped with an Instructor Operator station which controls the simulator training and enables the instructor to carry multiple training functions. The Instructor Station can be added on with a “Monitoring Station” which enables real-time monitoring of the live session.


Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR 1920 1279 Tecknotrove

Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR

An MRO services is only as efficient as its technicians; hence effective training of the technicians makes great business sense.

Tecknosim Airport Driving Simulators to train and test ground handlers operation gin DIAL 1280 960 Tecknotrove

Tecknosim Airport Driving Simulators to train and test ground handlers operation gin DIAL

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