TecknoSIM MX

Medium Fidelity Simulators

TecknoSIM MX is a Medium Fidelity Simulator designed for training novices and advanced trainees. The simulator is based on a 3DOF electric motion platform. The hardware of the simulator is upgradable and can adapt to simulate multiple machines /vehicles on the same simulator platform. A separate instructor station helps the instructor to conduct training smoothly. TecknoSIM MX is an economical option when customers need to provide advanced training on multiple types of equipment and machines at the same time.

3d airside training simulator & Ramp safety simulator

Operating Cabin

TecknoSIM MX simulator is based on a motion platform. The simulator is equipped with OEM controls that are placed in ergonomically correct locations as seen in real vehicle/ equipment. Driving cabin is upgradable and can accommodate multiple features. All TecknoSIM simulators support left-hand and right-hand driving style. The hardware is adapted to suit the gears transmission style and controls on request.

The Instrument Cluster is activated on a separate LED screen fitted on the dashboard. LED-based instrument cluster allows the flexibility to run various types of vehicle software on the same simulator.

Display System

This platform offers three LED screens for a large field of view. Customers can choose the screen size as per their requirement. The display is upgradable to VR display systems or curved screen projection display with multiple projectors that provides a 180-degree field of view. The visual quality of the software offered in MX is high definition and provides an immersive training experience to trainees.

Instructor Station

The advanced instructor station makes it possible for the instructor to use the simulator for detailed training and analysis. The station allows the instructor to:

  • Add and manage the database of trainees
  • Add and manage the database of instructors
  • Set up and modify training scenarios
  • Change the weather and environmental conditions in a running session
  • View current state of trainees controls and instrument cluster in a running session
  • Inject faults in a running session
  • Record and replay of Driving/operating sessions
  • Managing performance evaluation reports of current and past sessions
  • Calibration and diagnostics of simulators

Integrated Motion Platform

TecknoSIM MX simulators are based on a 3DOF Integrated Motion platform. The motion platform used for the simulator is based on electric actuator technology and is very low on maintenance. The motion platform provides realistic simulation effects of braking, suspension, collision, turning and acceleration. The force feedback system on the steering wheel provides realistic sensory motions of tyres and terrain interaction.

Convertible Kits

The TecknoSIM MX simulator range is designed to easily accommodate multiple equipments/vehicles on the same simulation platform. The convertible kits allow the users to maximize their return on investment by training by utilizing the same platform to train on multiple simulators at the same time.

Monitoring Station

Monitoring station is a separate screen that allows the instructor to view and monitor driver’s performance in real-time. Monitoring screen is placed along with the instructor screen and allows the instructor to administer the simulator on one screen while viewing the running session on the other screen. The client has the option to upgrade their instructor station with the monitoring screen.


Gear Transmission

Each simulator is offered with an option of automatic and manual gear transmission. For heavy vehicles or special equipment, the gear transmissions are adapted to suit the type of machine. Multiple gear transmissions are offered with convertible kits.


All TecknoSIM Simulators carry an international warranty for 1 year. Regular software updates are available in this version.

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