TecknoSIM Driving Simulators Making Roads Safer In Bangladesh

TecknoSIM Driving Simulators Making Roads Safer In Bangladesh

TecknoSIM Driving Simulators Making Roads Safer In Bangladesh 1200 675 Tecknotrove

The Govt of Bangladesh is taking serious measures to curb the increasing number of road fatalities in the country .Driving schools in Bangladesh are looking beyond traditional driver training methods and are investing in Driving Simulators . Tecknotrove is proud of its association with a reputed driving training institute in Bangladesh and is helping them introduce car driving simulators.

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TecknoSIM Car Driving Simulator is an exact replica of a real car that  provides a safe and controlled environment for novice drivers to practice their skills without the risks associated with real-world driving. Car driving simulator will help the driver training institute provide hands-on practice to drivers in defensive driving skills which is not possible in behind – the – wheel – training   . Training on a simulator will also help drivers improve their confidence and decision-making abilities.

“Tecknotrove has provided driving simulators to over 500 + driving schools world-wide  and  have a proven track record  that makes us the first choice for Driving Simulator with  govt authorities  and driver training institutions throughout the world . Training on TecknoSIM Driving simulators will allow driving schools to efficiently train a larger number of drivers, as multiple individuals can practice simultaneously on different virtual scenarios. This reduces the waiting time for students and increases the overall training capacity of the driving schools.” says Shantanu Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems

Driving simulators in Bangladesh will enable instructors to simulate different road and weather conditions, challenging scenarios, and emergency situations and equip drivers with the necessary skills to handle real driving challenges effectively.

Studies show that by incorporating driving simulators into driver training programs, countries can significantly reduce road accidents, improve driver skills, and create a safer driving environment for everyone on the roads. If all driving schools in Bangladesh adopt driving simulators for training , it will not only improve safety of the drivers on roads but will also help Bangladesh government achieve its goal of safer roads by 2030.

To know more about how your driving school can incorporate driving simulator in the curriculum, contact us today for a demo on sales@tecknotrove.com

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