TecknoSIM launches it’s latest Motorcycle Training Simulator

TecknoSIM launches it’s latest Motorcycle Training Simulator

TecknoSIM launches it’s latest Motorcycle Training Simulator 1600 1200 Tecknotrove

With a vision to create the most realistic training experience for motorbike riders, TecknoSIM launched its latest TecknoSIM Rider – Motorcycle simulator with an advanced motion system early this year. TecknoSIM Motorcycle Simulator offers a highly realistic training environment and is equipped to train civilians, the army, local and national police forces, and trainees at military school training centers.

This latest motorcycle simulator is based on a real motorbike console with a seat and fully activated controls. The motorbike is mounted on a 3DOF electric motion platform that gives realistic feedback on road surface interaction, turns, jerks, and speed. It provides an incredible experience because of its realistic motorcycle physics, surround sound, and immersive curved projection display system that helps practice your riding skills in a realistic and challenging environment.

The simulator is designed for two types of motorbike simulators high-CC and low-CC making it suitable for both Civil and Military riders. The latest motorbike simulator can be used for the training and testing of professional drivers such as those working in the emergency services or police forces. Because of the adaptability and scalability of the software, TecknoSIM Motorbike Simulator is also made suitable to be used for research applications in India and other international countries around the world.

TecknoSIM Rider simulates realistic riding sensations for larger motorbikes and produces a completely immersive training experience with a highly complex and specific technology system. The simulator recreates realistic driving situations on a variety of terrains along with difficult weather conditions . The complexity of its scenarios our simulator makes it fully adaptable to the training needs of our customers .

To know more or book a demo please contact our sales team on sales@tecknotrove.com

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