TecknoSIM Dozer Simulator is an advanced training tool to train dozer operators safely on a mine site. Based on a replica cab of a tracked dozer with fully functional controls, the simulator offers cost-effective and efficient operator training in a risk-free environment, all while avoiding wear and tear on equipment. TecknoSIM simulator provides trainees with a safe environment where they can refine their skills and improve their productivity and efficiency. With TecknoSIM simulator, clients can be assured that their equipment is not taken out of production for training. Reduced loss of production and improved efficiency of the operator as a result of training directly helps in increasing productivity.

Dozer Simulator Training

Software Features

Training Modules

Training modules are progressive and suited to train and test operators of a dozer. Training curriculum gradually progresses from basic skills for new operators to advanced operational skills for experienced operators. Operators are trained and evaluated under different work scenarios, from basic maneuvering to advanced operations in rough condition, Real time change in weather like rain, fog, dust and night time conditions add to the realism. Training modules include the following scenarios depending on the specific equipment and blade type being simulated like:

Heavy Vehicle Simulator

  • Control Familarization
  • Manuevering
  • Dumping of Material
  • Dozing
  • Ripping
  • Berm Creation

*Customised scenarios are developed as per client requirement in multiple languages.

Convertible Kits

The Dozer Simulator is compatible with convertible kits. Convertible kits are interchangeable equipment kits that fit onto base simulator platforms allowing the customer to use a range of different types of equipment on the same simulator. Convertible kit change on the simulator takes about 15- 20 minutes.

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