Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR

Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR

Aircraft MRO Training Made Effective in VR 1920 1279 Tecknotrove

Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) in aviation is the repair, service, or inspection of an aircraft or aircraft component. It is essentially all of the maintenance activities that take place to ensure the safety and airworthiness of all aircraft by international standards. Airline operators depend on MRO to ensure safety and compliance of their aircraft with Airworthiness Directives

Studies show that MROs are faced with a constant dilemma of providing inspections and maintenance for a fleet of older generation aircraft on one hand while inspecting and maintaining a growing fleet of next-generation aircraft on the other hand. This result is a growing need to provide specialized training for their technicians that cover a widening spectrum of disciplines.

Tecknotrove believes that digitalization of the existing training manuals with the help of AR/VR technology into an interactive environment can help make MRO training more efficient, effective and scalable. “The interesting aspect of using AR/VR technology for teaching aircraft maintenance is that the trainees have the ability to visually practice this task without utilizing expensive resources or without the risk of making mistakes” says Shantanu Gupta – MD Tecknotrove. Not only can technology like Virtual and Augmented reality teach the subject more effectively, but they can actually be developed to verify that each trainee is skilled to take up actual MRO tasks individually.

Tecknotrove Systems is working on developing customized solutions for MRO technicians that will help them learn and maintain aircraft better. Some of its early works are in the area of maintenance of Landing Gear systems. The landing gear is one of the most critical subsystems of an aircraft as it enables the aircraft for a taxi, safe landing and takeoff, and to support the aircraft in the rest of the ground operation. Hence maintenance of the landing gear system can be extremely important for the efficient functioning of the aircraft.

The company generates a highly realistic virtual model of an aircraft and its subsystems, allowing the trainees to move around and interact with its systems. “The ability to improve training for our partners by shortening the training times is an important key to our success” says Payal Gupta – Director International Business Development.

Research has found that this VR training gives better results than traditional classroom methods, or even computer-based learning for the following reasons

  • Creates a more interactive training environment
  • Makes trainers less reliant on the availability of the physical part
  • Greater knowledge transfer and higher retention
  • Modules can be upgraded to reflect new technical developments

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