Improving Road Safety with Interactive E-learning

Improving Road Safety with Interactive E-learning

Improving Road Safety with Interactive E-learning 1024 683 Tecknotrove

In a move to digitalize driver training programs and improve road safety,   CJ Darcl – one of the top 10 logistics companies in India appointed Tecknotrove Systems a specialist in developing interactive learning programs for the development of an E-learning module for their logistics team.

CJ Darcl Logistics, India’s foremost end-to-end Transport, and Logistics Companies operates on a global scale and provides its customers with innovative logistics solutions. The company had a vision to develop easy to use e-learning program in Hindi and English for training their logistics managers who manage a fleet of trucks across India

The module was focused on training the logistics team on the standard procedures of conducting routine inspections before each trip. The story-based 3D animated module included tips on routine inspection checks like Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections, Covid Safety Protocols Driver Safety Checks Vehicle Checks – Engine, Truck Trailer Body checks, In-cab Inspection Lights, Brakes System Check, Fire Safety and Document verification.

Routine inspections help in discovering unsafe conditions before they cause accidents or crashes, find mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns on the road, prevent being placed out of service during a roadside inspection, and avoid being subject to infractions and fines that affect productivity and profits.

With this Interactive E-learning module, we are confident that CJ Darcl would benefit in reducing operating costs and improving overall safety and efficiency in their logistics operation. In addition Tecknotrove also proposed simulator training for their truck drivers that will not only help them in improving the safety of their drivers but also help in ensuring safe transportation of the cargo they carry each time.

To view a demo on the E- learning video – Click Here. To enquire about development of a customised interactive E-Learning module for your organisation  contact our team on

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