Tecknotrove develops India’s first electric dump truck simulator for BEML

Tecknotrove develops India’s first electric dump truck simulator for BEML

Tecknotrove develops India’s first electric dump truck simulator for BEML 681 393 Tecknotrove

BEML, the largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in India, recently installed a TecknoSIM dump truck simulator to train drivers and operators engaged in mining operations in Mysore. The simulator was specially designed for BEML’s electric dump trucks, the first of their kind, which has developed in the past few years and is equipped for training operators on two variants of the dump trucks: namely the BH150E and BH205E, on the same unit. Electric Dump Truck Simulator enables drivers and operators to train in tough environment conditions as faced in a real mine site, without risk to the operator or equipment.

The simulator was installed in August 2019 at BEML’s Mysore location and is an actual replica of the equipment cab and provides a highly engaging and realistic training experience to the operator. The three-screen LED display with HD graphics provides an immersive out of cabin view as seen from the actual equipment. The simulator environment replicates an open cast mine with necessary signs and markings. The mine site includes a workshop area, galleries, dump yard and shovel & loading area for a comprehensive training experience.

The training program offered in the simulator covers major dumper aspects of mining operations. The learners get an opportunity to practice hazardous situations that may occur on the mine site. The software simulates multiple environmental conditions like daylight conditions, adverse weather like rain, fog and low visibility conditions. The simulator incorporates real sound and visual effects for situations that occur due to operator fault like accidents, tyre burst, etc.

The training is offered in multiple languages, making it convenient for the operators to learn and understand better.  A detailed performance evaluation report is generated at the end of each session displaying the skill level and faults of the operator.

About Tecknotrove:  Tecknotrove is one of the largest manufacturers of training simulators for the mining industry. TecknoSIM simulators have been successfully installed in over 24 countries including Botswana, Mongolia, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE, and India and have helped train thousands of operators. In addition to providing a full range of customized surface mine equipment simulators, Tecknotrove also provides Virtual Reality training  (VR) and Augmented Reality solutions ( AR) for equipment maintenance training, prestart equipment familiarisation and mine site familiarisation.

India’s Tecknotrove supplies simulator training solutions for BEML’s new electric drive mining trucks

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