TecknoSIM Clinical Testing Module is designed to help drivers and operators actively work on their skills in order to maintain good performance for long periods of time. The module is effective in determining skills that drivers and operators need to work on. This computer-based test ensures the assessment of each candidate is objective and fair through standardized content and scoring. Under this we test 6 key attributes: Vision, Reaction Skills, Anticipation Skills, Colour Blindness, Driving Aptitude, Judgment Test.


Software Features

  • Anticipation Test: To test the drivers’ skills of anticipating the speed of an oncoming vehicle/hazard
  • Judgment Test: To test the drivers peripheral view/focus on the road on both sides of the vehicle/machine
  • Reaction Test: To test the reaction time/response time of the driver
  • Driving Aptitude Test: To test the drivers aptitude levels
  • Colorblindness Test: To test the drivers capability on distinguishing colors
  • Vision Test: To test the candidate’s vision to ability to read instructions

Hardware Features

TecknoSIM Clinical Testing Station includes the following:

  • Desktop Simulator
  • Head Phones
  • Response Panel
  • Steering wheel and Pedal Set

This is optional hardware. The Clinical Testing can be installed as software on the simulator system directly.

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