Forklift Simulator

Forklift Simulator

TecknoSIM Forklift Simulator is an advanced training simulator which trains operators on how to operate a forklift safely in various situations. The simulator is an actual replica of the forklift equipment that recreates the dynamics of real machine . The controls resemble a typical sit-down, counterbalance factory forklift also called sit-down rider truck, fork truck or a lift truck. The simulator dynamics accurately replicates machine instability when executing maneuvers like tight turns, driving down a slope, and rapid braking with a load. New operators learn to operate a forklift safely on a simulator before operating the real equipment and experienced operators get a chance to further improve their skills. TecknoSIM Forklift Simulator is the best training solution in the market to maximize safety and productivity for factories, warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, airports.

Applications of Forklift Simulator

Control Familiarisation
Collision Avoidance
Productivity Improvement
Site Safety Training
Load Management
Speed Management
Blind Spot Judgement
Manoeuvring Skills

Product Range

Software Features

Virtual Environment

TecknoSIM Forklift Simulators are delivered with a highly realistic virtual sites, complete with AI equipment’s to support the operator training and evaluation process. Artificially intelligent movement of workers and other machines at the virtual sites helps operator practice in normal and risky conditions. Customized sites can be developed for the clients which simulates actual warehouse, construction sites, manufacturing plant of clients including roads, slopes, staging area, loading bay, parking area & other details.

Training Modules

Training modules are realistic, engaging and are designed to train and test forklift operators. Training curriculum gradually progresses from basic skills for new operators to advanced operational skills for experienced operators. Operators are trained on various skills such as driving around objects and inclines, handling different loads and working in confined spaces . In addition customised scenarios are developed as per client requirement in multiple languages. Inbuilt visual and audio cues help the trainee to learn correctly. Standard training module includes :

  • Control Familiarization
  • Manoeuvring – Slalom , Incline
  • Loading material – Racks, Truck
  • Unloading material- Racks ,Truck
  • Start-up and Shutdown Procedures

Testing and Evaluation

The operators are evaluated in real-time by the simulator on their skill, safety and productivity levels. The simulator generates a detailed evaluation report for each operator at the end of the scenario. Performance parameters such as session time , driving speeds , collisions, loading errors, unloading errors are measured , The record and replay feature allows the instructor to replay the scenario and train the operators on their mistakes. Feedback is detailed and highlights the skill gaps identified during the session.

Instructor Station

TecknoSIM Instructor Software allows the trainer to control the sessions and maximize simulation training. The software allows the instructor to

  • Manage a database of trainees and instructors
  • Set training exercises
  • Modify the environmental conditions
  • Inject faults in a running session
  • Record and replay of saved sessions
  • Track and print performance evaluation reports
  • Simulator maintenance
  • Calibration & diagnostics

Hardware Features

TecknoSIM Forklift Simulator

Operating Station

Operator cab of a TecknoSIM forklift simulator is based on a typical sit-down forklift with seat and all equipment controls as seen in actual equipment. The operators seat is surrounded by fully functional controls including steering wheel, levers, switches and pedals. The station consists of an instrument panel that mimics real controls and instruments in real time . The simulator can be configured to any OEM console and accommodate multiple equipment types in the same hardware with convertible kits.

Display System

The visual system with high definition graphics is a key component of the training simulator. A properly designed visual system increases the level of realism and immerses the operators in real world operating environments. The display system for TecknoSIM simulators is available in multiple options of single-screen or three LED screens . For the VR Forklift simulator , display will be through VR headsets. Additional screens are provided for blind spot and rear view while operating with other machines.

motion system

Motion System

TecknoSIM Simulators offer an integrated motion system based on electric actuators that makes it compact and low on maintenance. The motion system provides accurate feedback required for a realistic operating experience on real world operating environments. It is programmed to provide cues and feedback with sensations of steering, acceleration, braking, turning, jerks, gradients, tires and soil interaction. Motion system is available in three degrees of freedom (3DOF) Motion Platform.


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