Riyadh Airports trains ground-handlers on Tecknotrove Airside Simulators 2019

Riyadh Airports trains ground-handlers on Tecknotrove Airside Simulators 2019

Riyadh Airports trains ground-handlers on Tecknotrove Airside Simulators 2019 2560 1440 Tecknotrove

Riyadh Airports installs Airside Driving Simulator from Tecknotrove –one of the largest simulator manufacturing companies for training and testing of drivers at the airside of King Khalid International Airport

Inaugurated in the presence of the CEO of “Riyadh Airports” Mohammed Al Maghlouth and representatives from different departments the Airside Driving Simulator from Tecknotrove is considered the first of its kind to be used in all Saudi airports.

The installation of Simulator training in airside safety complements the strategic direction of the company in raising the level of safety at the airport and its drive to continue improving the performance by deploying the latest training technology.

“Riyadh Airports” revealed that training on this latest technology represents a qualitative leap in the field of training at the airside as it simulates the driving of vehicles and equipment in conditions identical to reality which will ensure the readiness of the applicants to get the driving license.

Airside Driving Simulator from Tecknotrove consists of all parts of a real car such as the steering wheel, control panel, power switch, and seat belt. The driving simulator allows the instructor to conduct tests to determine the level of visual acuity required by the trainee and his ability to distinguish between colors and dealing with sudden situations, in the meantime, the trainee is surrounded by screens displaying an interactive virtual airside environment identical to King Khalid International Airport’s airside.

The Airside Driving Simulator also simulates a large number of training scenarios with training in both languages Arabic and English. Airside Driving Simulator is aimed at familiarising the ground handling staff with the airside environment rules and regulations. The simulator includes advanced training scenarios that train the ground handling staff on dealing with emergencies and practice driving in different weather conditions and how to perform properly in rain, dust, or fog.

 ​Airside Driving Simulator from Tecknotrove provides real-time feedback and accurate results of the tests at the end of each training session. The reports assist safety investigators to identify causes and factors contributing to any incident,  and train violators to ensure that same mistake is not repeated on actual airfield.​

Riyadh Airports states that after passing the theoretical training, simulator training will helps its team in raising the level of safety and reducing risks that will eventually contribute to improving efficiency or operating on airfield with complete safety.

“Tecknotrove is proud to be appointed as the chosen supplier for advanced training simulators to Riyadh airports. We look forward to working closely with them and providing latest simulation training technology for further improving airside safety and efficiency” – Shantanu Gupta MD Tecknotorve Systems.

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