KM Translogistics improves logistics safety with simulator training

KM Translogistics improves logistics safety with simulator training

KM Translogistics improves logistics safety with simulator training 1600 901 Tecknotrove

Drivers play the most important role in the transport business however driver shortage has always been a critical issue for transport companies . It is essential for transporters to retain their skilled drivers while training a new pool of drivers to support its growing fleet and business . KM Trans Logistics (formerly known as Kundanmal Mukanmal Traders (P) is a pioneer in car, chassis and steel/bulk transportation in India for over 25 years . The company took initiative to solve the ever-increasing need for skilled drivers and keep up to its reputation of timely and damage-free delivery.

KM Trans Logistics has installed a TecknoSIM VX – an advanced trailer truck driving simulator from Tecknotrove India at their driver training facility in northwest of India . High fidelity Truck Driving simulator is a replica of an articulated flat-bed trailer that simulates the load conditions as well . The simulator is designed to train drivers on defensive driving skills, accident avoidance, night driving, driving in difficult weather conditions . The replicates the vehicle dynamics and load conditions which helps in training the drivers on safe transportation of goods. Inbuilt training modules such as lane changing , overtaking skills , parking , merging with traffic on highways allows the company to train and test its drivers on skills not possible in real life behind-the-wheel training .

The articulated truck simulator is mounted on a high fidelity 3DOF Electric motion platform . This provides the drivers a realistic road surface interaction while driving on mud , grass, gradient , speed brakers , turns . With the curved projection display the driver gets a seamless and highly realistic 180 degree view of the road .Truck simulator is equipped with an advanced instructor station that allows the driving instructor to set up the training scenario , record and replay sessions and review the auto generated reports from the simulator . The simulator training is designed to help the company in reducing the number of on -road incidences , lowering the cost of vehicle maintenance , improving driver retention among other benefits.

Tecknotrove congratulates KM Trans Logistics on the new initiative and is confident that simulator training of truck drivers will not only help them in improving the safety of their drivers but also help in ensuring safe transportation of the cargo they carry each time .

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