Tecknotrove Transforming Skill Development In Bhutan With Advanced Training Simulators

Tecknotrove Transforming Skill Development In Bhutan With Advanced Training Simulators

Tecknotrove Transforming Skill Development In Bhutan With Advanced Training Simulators 1080 719 Tecknotrove

Tecknotrove congratulates the Department of Workforce Planning and Skills Development, Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Bhutan, on their innovative approach of adopting advanced simulators for training and skill development. This initiative by the Bhutan Government aims to enhance skills of youth in Bhutan. Tecknotrove Truck Driving Simulator and Excavator Simulator are deployed at Technical Training Institute (TTI) Samthang and will be used for training beginners and fresh graduates on heavy vehicle driving and excavator operations.

Traditionally, behind-the-wheel driver training poses several challenges, often leading to suboptimal outcomes and safety risks. By adopting specialized training simulators from Tecknotrove,  Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Bhutan will overcome these challenges and will be able to prepare their youth for operating in real-world scenarios in a controlled safe environment without the need for actual equipment and vehicles. Trainees will gain hands-on experience in driving and excavator operations which will help them master the skills 4 times faster than traditional training. 

On June 26, 2024, the Technical Training Institute (TTI) Samthang commemorated its foundation day along with His Excellency Cameron MacKay, the Canadian Ambassador. His Excellency Cameron Mackay experienced the Tecknotrove Simulators firsthand. Environmental sustainability has been one of the key motivations behind the adoption of simulation technology. Training on Advanced Training simulators from Tecknotrove will help the Bhutan Government reduce carbon emissions by minimizing vehicle usage and fuel consumption inherent in traditional training methods. 

“We are happy that training simulators align with Bhutan’s commitment to a green environment and ecological responsibility. We are confident that Tecknotrove Simulators will help them in promoting safety by allowing learners to practice in a safe immersive environment. Simulators will  enhance operational skills and readiness of youth in Bhutan and skill them to be employed and prepared to take on on-job challenges safely and with confidence.” Shantanu Gupta MD Tecknotrove Systems.

Tecknotrove is proud to support the Ministry of Bhutan with its cutting-edge simulation technologies for preparing a skilled workforce that will support the country’s growth. Simulator training will ensure a pool of skilled workforce capable of thriving in Bhutan’s dynamic economic landscape. 


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