Virtual reality – A Game Changer For Training And Skill Development

Virtual reality – A Game Changer For Training And Skill Development

Virtual reality – A Game Changer For Training And Skill Development 600 450 Tecknotrove

The Indian government plans to skill 40.2 crore workers by 2022. And thanks to the ‘Make in India’ program and the large consumer base, India is now becoming an attractive destination for manufacturing. Given the large student population in India and the ongoing need for skilled people to run the industries and not enough trainers in the market, we need to adopt more scalable and scientific forms of vr training and skill development

Earlier rejected as a video game, virtual reality (VR) and simulator-based training technology are changing how training programs are delivered.

Virtual reality training programs, when combined with traditional training offers distinct advantages. In addition to economic and safety benefits, vr training and skill development allow to trainers to deliver scientific, standardized and hands-on training experience ensuring that trainees learn to perform and deliver in the same way as they would be required to do the job.

Companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors are discovering the benefits of virtual reality systems for training people to manufacture better, faster and safer. Realistic replicas of the actual machines are allowing trainees to make mistakes on a full-functioning equipment with any real loss or danger. Simulation-based training solutions offers a safe and cost-effective way to develop skills without the risk of injury and using their actual machines and equipment

Similar simulation-based training systems have been developed for the construction and mining sectors. With the help of heavy earth moving equipment simulators, new workers can be immersed in a risky mine environment to see and experience the risks while remaining absolutely safe. This type of experiential learning is invaluable in getting the safety lessons across and is more likely to be absorbed, especially by a generation growing up with video game technology.

After all, we all know that nothing gets better than the effectiveness of “learning by doing. ”

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