05 Jul

Tecknotrove launches VR training aid

The TecknoSIM Airside VR is now available and is the latest virtual reality solution for training ground operations personnel.

The ramp can be a very noisy and dangerous place for training purposes. TecknoSIM VR allows effective practical training in a very realistic environment, without disrupting active operations on the ramp.

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29 May

Imagine that you are sitting on a desk in a classroom listening to a lecture on working safely at mines…

Now Imagine yourself putting on a VR headset and standing in a virtual environment, which is an exact replica of the mine you work in. You can walk around the mine site freely with a click of a button .You can also walk around the machine and learn on how to perform the machine inspection step by step . You can point at things you don’t recognize or

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28 May

TecknoSIM Scania Truck Simulator

Scania Commercial Vehicles India, a leading premium commercial vehicles and engines manufacturer, announced that its innovative simulator for driver training has been adopted at L&T service centre in Durgapur. The simulator was unveiled by Mr A.K. Sarkar, Director – Technical, Bharat Coking Coal, in the presence of seniorScania and L&T officials. The Scania simulator has been championed by Mr Ahlin Mattias, Director – Mining, Scania India.

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02 May

TecknoSIM ‘Virtual Reality’ solutions are changing the face of training

Imagine yourself sitting on a desk in a classroom , listening to a lecture on safety at mines……

Now imagine yourself putting on a VR headset and standing in a virtual environment, which is an exact replica of the mine you work in. You can walk around the mine site freely with a click of a button. You can also walk around the mining equipments and learn on how to perform the machine inspection step by step.
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05 Dec

TecknoSIM Driving Simulators are helping women in Ghana to learn driving.

Seventy-three unemployed women are undergoing a six-month training in driving to prepare them to drive Aayalolo buses. The woman are drawn from all ten regions in Ghana have benefitted from the program , Ghana’s first simulator driver training put together by Government Technical Training Centre, SCANIA and Safe Drive to institutionalize professional driving among women. The first batch of the female drivers were given simulator training to enable them get the judgment, anticipation, reaction and aptitude required for professional driving in Ghana.
Real Driving Experience ’
Simulator driving is providing hands-on, experiential training to the woman drivers. The inbuilt training modules in the simulator helps woman drivers to learn basic driving skills in their own language at their own pace. This gives them the confidence to handle a vehicle before they drive on road .
The simulator also exposes them to various challenging and hazard scenarios in a controlled environment so that they can experience the hazards without risks to people or vehicles around. TecknoSIM simulator records drivers’ reactions, response times, and provide post-driving reviews. This helps the drivers to analyse their mistakes and improve themselves before they hit the road.
Briefing the media about the training exercise in Accra yesterday, the Chairman of Safe Drive Innovation, Mr David Oppong-Kusi, said the initiative was a joint collaboration among the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

(DVLA), the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) and the GTTC.
He expressed optimism that the use of simulators would help the female drivers apply the knowledge they had acquired in driving lessons on the road, as the simulator approach would offer them the opportunity to apprise themselves of some of the real challenges they would face on the road.
“The transition between the classroom and the road has become a problem for a lot of people who finish driving schools but are unable to apply safe driving techniques on the road. I am, therefore, optimistic that the simulators will help these drivers get the real driving experience before they get behind the actual steering wheels,” he added.

Reducing crashes

The acting Principal of the GTTC, Mr Constant Yao Tsedzah, said the software and hardware of driving would expose the trainees to both the theoretical and practical components of driving.
“When I talk about the software, I am talking about the theory aspects of driving such as fuel efficiency, firefighting, knowledge of all kinds of vehicles and the various categories of vehicles they will be handling. The hardware entails the practical skills, including open manoeuvres of the buses, as well as traffic training,” he explained.
Mr Tsedzah further said the training was in line with the Road Traffic Act, 2004 (Act 683) which sought to promote road safety in the country, saying, “whatever we are doing is to promote safety and ensure that crashes and accidents do not occur on our roads.”

Change perception

For her part, the Executive Director of the NRSC, Ms May Obiri-Yeboah, said the Ministry of Transport was collaborating with other stakeholders to develop a driving module to train not only novices but upgrade the knowledge of those who were already driving.
She, therefore, averred that the training would serve as a refresher course to upgrade the knowledge and skills of drivers on road safety.
“I will want to encourage the trainees to change their perception of the driving profession,” she said, and challenged them to adhere to safety precautions by applying the techniques they had acquired.



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