Tecknotrove launches VR training aid

Tecknotrove launches VR training aid

Tecknotrove launches VR training aid 1315 735 Tecknotrove

The TecknoSIM Airside VR for ramp safety is now available for the aviation industry, it is the latest virtual reality training solution for training ground handling operations personnel.

The ramp can be a very noisy and dangerous place for training purposes. TecknoSIM VR allows effective practical training in a very realistic environment, without disrupting active operations on the ramp.

TecknoSIM VR solutions allow users to recreate a realistic airside environment. It further permits staff to move around in the environment and interact as if they were actually there. This new application combines virtual reality hardware and software for training ground handling personnel on an aircraft turnaround inspection. Users can generate a variety of scenarios for aircraft turnarounds, including aircraft damage or foreign object debris identification to enhance the experience. It also simulates day and night operations, as well as adverse weather conditions. The system also records user performance for review and future reference.

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