Tecknotrove showcases VR Training for Disaster Management to NDRF India.

Tecknotrove showcases VR Training for Disaster Management to NDRF India.

Tecknotrove showcases VR Training for Disaster Management to NDRF India. 2560 1318 Tecknotrove

Increasing number of natural disasters like flood, earthquakes have taught us that our emergency response units always need to be prepared .The National Disaster Response Force ( NDRF) – an Apex body for disaster management in India is established by the NDMA for the purpose of specialised response to natural and manmade disasters. NDRF is a distinguished and unique force across the country under the Ministry of Home Affairs , Government of India within the overall command control and leadership of the Director General NDRF. Their battalions have specially trained search and rescue teams including engineers , technicians , electricians , dog squads and medical and paramedics for emergency operations. 

Earlier this year Tecknotrove had been tasked to design a VR training solution for NDRF to demonstrate the benefit of VR simulation training  in preparing emergency response units and disaster management teams to respond safely and effectively in case of a disaster . 

Tecknotrove designed a customised VR solution replicating the standard practices of search and rescue operation in case of an earthquake for NDRF team. With this solution, Tecknotrove showcased its VR training capabilities in emergency preparedness and disaster management. The event was attended by the Director general NDRF and other important officials from the team .

In the past, training was based on repeating the same exercise again and again, wasting time money and resources. However agencies like WHO, and UN  are  evaluating and adopting  a coherent and committed approach to training emergency response teams for disaster management. Organisations like NDRF are exploring the use of virtual reality based training in preparing first responders for potential disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami ,landslide, draught , wildfire, volcano to name a few. 

“Today VR based training for emergency response is being recognized around the world as an important tool for hands-on training in risky situations. We are happy to collaborate with disaster management agencies around the world to develop customised solutions for training emergency response units on managing diasters and emergencies safely.”

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