Virtual Test Tracks On Tecknotrove Simulators Help Driving Schools Train And Test Drivers

Virtual Test Tracks On Tecknotrove Simulators Help Driving Schools Train And Test Drivers

Virtual Test Tracks On Tecknotrove Simulators Help Driving Schools Train And Test Drivers 677 454 Tecknotrove

Starting 1st June 2024  citizens of India will be able to take their driving test at driver training centers instead of government-led RTOS. These centers will have the authority to conduct driving tests and issue certificates for Driving license eligibility. New rules introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways – India aim to streamline and ease the overall process for licence-seekers. But we all know that India does not have enough testing tracks in India for conducting tests to issue driving licenses. 

As per the new rule, the driver training centers must have at least one acre of land. And if they are offering training for 4 Wheelers then they are expected to have at least 2 acres of land. Additionally, the driver trainers must have a high school diploma or equivalent with minimum knowledge of biometrics and IT systems.

 With driving schools as small as 500 sqft in India, some even rented and operating out of a shop where there is only just enough space for a classroom and few chairs,  setting up a 2-acre testing track for trucks and car drivers can only be a distant dream. To make up for the lack of test tracks, Regional Testing Offices in the State of Uttar Pradesh installed state-of-the-art Driving Simulators across UP, including Lucknow and other divisional headquarters in 2017. While Driving schools and transport departments are mulling over buying vacant lands and constructing test tracks, Driving test centers will have to look at investing in driving training simulators to keep up with the new Driving Test Rule from June 1st, 2024.

Tecknotrove developed India’s first driving simulator especially designed for training and testing drivers on Indian road conditions and traffic rules. Driving Simulators allow drivers to practice in a virtual world on different terrains, weather conditions and defensive driving scenarios before applying for their test . After their training is complete they appear for their driving test on a Virtual test track, which is a digital twin of actual driving test tracks as seen in RTO . Applicants can be tested on their slalom driving, parallel parking, reverse S driving  skills in virtual replica of the test track . Detailed reports at the end of every test will help the instructor to generate a certificate for every driver who passed the test.

“With a shortage of qualified instructors and actual test tracks, we believe driving simulators from Tecknotrove will be of great help in helping the driving centres to issue certificates for driving licence to qualified candidates only. Training and testing on driving simulators ensure that we are developing skilled drivers and  improving road safety standards in India “ Shantanu Gupta – MD Tecknotrove Systems 

Tecknotrove is a specialist in development of training simulators and virtual reality solutions. For more information on their products and services contact the team on 

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