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TecknoSimTM - An Advanced Training Method to create well-trained drivers.

Tecknotrove offers a range of TecknoSimTM Driving Simulators that are scientifically designed to impart basic as well as advance driving techniques.  Tecknotrove specializes in the design and development of advanced training simulators for all types of light medium and heavy vehicles. TecknoSimTM simulators are used for training drivers in the military forces, law enforcement & security forces, driving schools, government transport organizations & trucking industry.

TecknoSimTM Simulators include a range of surface vehicle Simulators like:

  • Passenger vehicle simulator
  • Truck Simulator
  • Bus Simulator
  • Military Tank Simulator

TecknoSimTM Simulators are innovative driver training systems that designed scientifically for imparting basic and advanced training to create well trained drivers. It facilitates training in a variety of realistic driving scenarios with varying light and climatic and traffic conditions. TecknoSimTM driving simulators reproduce the characteristics of real vehicles in a virtual environment. It replicates the external factors and conditions with which a vehicle interacts enabling a driver to feel as if they are sitting in the cab of their own vehicle.


Benefits of TecknoSimTM Driving Simulators:

Indian Driving Environment                                                                      
TecknoSimTM is a completely indigenized product and has been designed specially for the Indian environment. It incorporates training in Indian road conditions, and follows the driving rules and regulations in India. While designing TecknoSimTM, special attention has been given to replicate typical Indian road conditions like heavy traffic conditions, roads under construction, moving pedestrians and animals, unmanned railway crossings etc .This makes TecknoSimTM Simulators useful in the true for creating  better drivers and improving Road Safety in India                                                                                                                                                  

Driver testing and Evaluation System
Tecknotrove’s unique Driver testing and evaluation system monitors and reports the drivers progress throughout the training process. Every driver is registered in the system before he begins the training session on the Simulator. At the end of each session an evaluation report, based on 10 attributes like lane changing without an indicator, crashing, driving beyond the speed limit etc can be printed allowing the trainer to track the progress and performance of each driver.

Training in Dangerous scenarios
          TecknoSimTM Simulators provide the first truly viable option to train the drivers in Dangerous Scenarios and evaluate them on their performance in each scenario. TecknoSimTM allows trainees to not only learn Basic Driving Procedures, but also Defensive Driving Techniques which teaches how and when to apply the basic knowledge under in realistic situations.

Customised Solution
          TecknoSimTM offers customized training curriculum to match your organization's needs.  Short lessons on various topics like managing intersections, driving near schools and hospitals, or even parking can be developed as per customer requirements.  

Cost effective Simulator                                                                                                  Tecknotrove understands that all projects are cost-critical and so ensures its Driving Simulation Systems are affordable and specifically designed for individual customers’ needs. Our constant focus is on the ability of the trainer and the trainee to achieve the greatest results from our simulators.

TecknoSimTM C180 TecknoSimTM T180 TecknoSimTM C60  TecknoSimTM XT



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