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Mining Heavy Equipment Operator Training Simulator

For the Mining Industry, Tecknotrove offers a range of highly realistic simulators which are actual replica of  earth moving  equipment. TecknoSIM Mining Simulators are conducive for novice  training, refresher training, testing & evaluating skills of existing operators.

Wide Range of Simulated Equipment

Effective training and operator assessment has huge impact on productivity and safety levels in a mine site. For any mining company, it is essential that the operators are skilled and trained to deliver the highest level of productivity. Tecknotrove offers highly realistic training simulators for a wide range of Earth Moving and Mining Equipment including dump trucks, excavators, loaders, dozer, ripper, backhoe, graders.
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Our expertise in Surface simulation industry allows us to offer a fully-integrated suite of simulation products for mine training. Our product options range from desktop trainers to high-fidelity simulators.

Customized Training Solutions

We understand that your success lies in getting the RIGHT SOLUTION for your problems. This requires clear understanding of your needs and how simulators can be adapted and integrated into your training systems. With over a decade of developing simulators, Tecknotrove has gained experience in understanding the client needs and DELIVERING THE RESULTS EXPECTED.

mining environment

We create custom mine sites which prepares your operators for site-related emergencies, procedures and site familiarization. It helps in building Operator’s confidence before they enter actual mines.

simulator language

Local language is the key to effective training, TecknoSIM offers a variety of local languages and help our clients overcome the regional barriers of Training.

mining heavy equipment operator training

If the equipment you need is not listed with us, please contact us and we will customize it for you; our team can create customized training simulators to meet your requirements.


TecknoSIM Base Platform accommodates a wide variety of Convertible Kits for various earth moving equipment. Convertible kits are available for a range of equipment models from different manufacturers.
mining heavy equipment operator training - TechnoSIM
We ensure our customers have the appropriate training solutions that can help them achieve operator optimization and IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND OVERALL BUSINESS.

TecknoSIM Simulators are the best applied for:

  • Training new operators on machines and equipment.
  • Skill development of existing operators
  • Training on new equipment and machines
  • Continuous training for improving productivity and safety
  • Operator Assessments

Experiencing Beyond Reality

Traditional training has risks & limitations of putting a person in an equipment directly. But with simulators we can run them over wet roads, fog, gear failure and everything that we may not be able do in the real world.
An Operator may go his entire career without ever experiencing a brake failure or engine fire, but when it happens it can be dangerous. TecknoSIM Simulators can train and prepare operators with some of these life-endangering situations without putting them in danger and under complete safety.

Continuous Innovation

Being a leading player in the industry, we feel responsible and our committed to continuous innovation.
At Tecknotrove we practice “Market Driven Innovation”. We collaborate with Mines, Equipment Manufacturers & training institutes to develop sustainable solutions to address the challenges of the industry. Through Innovation we bring the best simulation experience to our customers , that enhances their training quality and improves productivity and safety levels at mines.

Our Product Range

If you wish to experience firsthand the TecknoSIM Mining Simulator at our office in Mumbai or one of our customer sites, please contact us now:

Our Advantage



TecknoSIM Mining Simulators train in the toughest environments without risk to the operator, personnel or machine. On TecknoSIM, operators are trained for all weather conditions & times of day, handling emergency situations, like brake failures &engine fires which if occurred in reality, they would be aware & prepared to respond safely.


advantage-mining-productivityProductivity being the biggest concern, training on TecknoSIM assures the mine owners that their machines & equipment are not taken out of production for training. Considering the risk of damage to heavy equipment, its subsequent down time and repair costs, makes the use of simulators for training the best option.

Recruitment & Skills

operator training skillsTecknoSIM Simulators are being successfully used for screening operators before recruitment, thus eliminating the risk of employing an unskilled operator. With TecknoSIM, instructors can set specific tasks for trainees, record & replay their performance, export or print results, which helps them choose the correct skills sets for the job.

Cost Savings

cost saving simulatorsAdvanced training that avoids accidents with expensive machines & valuable employees can save upto 30% of the operating cost. Training with TecknoSIM means using less manpower, fuel & reduced risk to personnel & equipment. Teaching proper operating techniques improve Tyrelife & overall equipment life. Above all, well-trained operators save lives.