Benefits of Mining Simulator Training in mining industry

Benefits of Mining Simulator Training in mining industry

Benefits of Mining Simulator Training in mining industry 1920 1080 Tecknotrove


In order to explain the benefits of Mining Simulator Training, I would like to describe mining in a few words. Mining is a risky business that involves occupational hazards. Miners must operate in highly stressful conditions and unsafe behavior is often one of the most important reasons why the fatality rate is high in the mining industry. The lack of training leaves miners with poor skills to operate in complex mining environments. Mining involves using equipment like large trucks, excavators, dozers, and shovels, among others. Operating such equipment requires deep expertise and a minor flaw could lead to significant consequences. 

Miners often face several predicaments when working in mines, not knowing what to expect when working in such critical mining environments. They are unprepared to face the obstacles or challenges that may arise in the mining sites. With no first-hand experience, novice operators become anxious and do not know how to respond appropriately to various situations. 

Simulators are the latest technology with proven benefits for diverse industries and training is one of the most significant applications of simulators. While all industries are gradually adopting simulator technology for training, simulators are particularly essential for training in hazardous industries such as the Mining Industry. Simulator-based training for miners has proved beneficial in increasing training effectiveness, improving safety and overall operational efficiency.

What are mining simulators?

Mining Simulators are an actual replica of the mining equipment or heavy earth moving equipment simulators that are equipped with real operational controls. Mining Simulators offer an immersive experience for mine operators where the operator can immerse himself in a three-dimensional imagery of real-world mine environment practice working conditions situations. Mine workers can learn the basic operations and advanced skills through repeated lessons till they master the skills. Simulator allows trainers to monitor workers during training sessions and provide prompt feedback. They can detect irresponsible behaviors and provide the right training with no risk to lives.

What are the benefits of training on mining simulators?

Improves the safety of workers

Using real equipment for training purposes is neither financially feasible nor safe. Workers can avoid being in unsafe conditions while not compromising on training effectiveness with simulators. Mining simulators allow for safe training in a controlled environment. It plays an important role in reducing accidents while training and operating on sites. Using simulations, participants gain familiarity with mine sites and equipment, safety procedures, and operations under different weather conditions. Mine workers can experience tire bursts, fires, accidents, and similar emergencies in a virtual environment. They learn how to manage such situations without becoming too nervous. When they arrive on the site, they are more alert and better prepared to handle any challenges that come their way.

Improves productivity and operational efficiency

Today, when the mining industry is plagued by unstable demand, volatile prices and the growing cost base,achieving operational efficiency at mines is becoming increasingly important . Simulator-based training helps identify gaps and inefficiencies in skills. Virtual replicas of mines with actual hazards and emergencies make operator training invaluable. Real-time feedback enables trainees to identify areas of improvement. This translates to increased productivity on the site and fewer accidents. Employees become more proficient at their tasks with simulator training. They can perform tasks within less time on the site which eventually results in more revenue for organizations. On the other hand, poor training leads to more errors and increased time on site.

Cost savings

Cost savings is one of the significant benefits of simulators. Simulator-based training helps organizations save costs in many ways. Training prepares operators to maintain their machines while operating or before and after duty . This helps in reducing the wear and tear of actual machines and increases tyre life as they are not used for training purposes. Unscheduled maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Fuel consumption is yet another area where organizations can save costs. Operators with adequate training have shown to consume less fuel as they have achieved proficiency in performing core tasks.

Industry use cases of  Mining Simulators

JSW Steel

JSW Steel Limited, a multinational steel producer and India’s second largest private sector steel company with a capacity of 28.5 MTPA in India and the USA is  setting an example when it comes to digitisation in training to improve safety and sustainability in mining. Simulation Training Centre provides realistic and interactive training simulations and e-learning solutions to ensure the safety of its operators. The realistic reproduction of mining environments called Digital Twins  allow the operators to familiarize themselves with the actual working on a mine site. 

Daimler Trucks

The German automotive major Daimler Truck launched an innovation drive vision with development of state of the art learning and development center with advanced training simulators and VR training systems customized to Daimler vehicles and equipment. Among the Daimler vehicle simulators are construction vehicles, mining dump trucks and haul trucks, rigid tipper trucks, and more. In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of Daimler’s vehicles, the company uses simulations to train users on correct and safe use.

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is a multinational mining and metals company based with operations on six continents regularly invests in mining training simulators and have benefitted from its training. Mining Simulators provide a safe and effective environment for training by allowing learners to operate their equipment while interacting with the autonomous trucks and managing their work areas as required. Specific training simulators used by them include Excavator Simulator ,Dozer Simulator , Grader simulator and dump truck simulators . 

What is the future of mining?

Mining industry is slowly moving towards smart mining. In smart mining, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis are used to predict mineralization and extraction targets and to move mining from a people-centric to a process-oriented model. The demand for silicon and lithium is witnessing an exponential increase which means mining activities will increase in the future. In the coming years, autonomous mining will gain prominence as companies are actively investing in AI technologies for better efficiency in the mining industry. Manual processes will be eliminated wherever possible and efficient training will be provided wherever manual processes are unavoidable. 

The use of digital training technologies in the mining industry will ensure safety for miners, better accuracy, lesser errors, and a faster decision-making process. Hence  simulator-based training will be  critical to ensuring safety in the mining industry. Mining Simulators are critical to optimizing training for workers. 

Wrapping up

Mining is one of the riskiest jobs and safety is of paramount importance. The main purpose of using simulators for training is to increase workers’ safety. Operators can perfect their skills in a virtual environment and can polish skills using both underground and surface mining equipment. In the mining industry, simulator training reduces accidents and prevents physical damage to equipment and workers. The mining sector requires more efficient operations with the increasing need for raw material extraction and employing simulators is a step to achieve that.  The use of simulators will further increase in the mining industry in the coming years as training on simulators ensures business competitiveness and increased profitability. 

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