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Surface Mining Simulator

Tecknotrove specialises in design and development of Mining Equipment (HEMM) Simulators and Virtual Reality Solutions. Surface Mining Simulator are designed to meet the needs of mining companies , vocational training institutes and construction companies. The simulators are deisgned for training novice operators on basics of HEMM operation to training experienced operators on improving productivity and safety in operations. Tecknotrove offers a range simulators with option of conversion kits which allows training on different equipments on the same simulator.

Tecknotrove offers a wide range of HEMM training simulators that are exact replicas of actual equipments. Mining Equipment Simulators are designed for range of mining equipments with different capacity and sizes for dumper, dozer, loader, excavator, grader. Tecknotrove provides a range of solutions right from standalone desktop based driving simulators upto advanced training simulators with motion systems. We offer site specific group training connecting multiple equipments operating together in group on the same site. In addition, Tecknotrove offers setting up and running technology enabled learning & development centers for its customers.

Surface Mining Simulator

Construction Simulators

TecknoSIM Offers a range of cost effective training simulators for training on construction equipment like excavator , tipper ,backhoe, bulldozer, grader . The entry level simulators are portable desktop solutions that are easy to set up and ideal for organisations that are looking to explore simulation for the first time or training large numbers of people at the same time . Advanced simulators can be used for training experienced operators for improving productivity and safety during operations .

Product Range of Surface Mining Simulator

Improving safety, productivty and efficiency is critical for every mining operation. Tecknotrove offers highly realistic simulators and virtual reality training solutions for training operators on wide range of mining equipments. TecknoSIM simulator range is designed for equipments with different capacity and from different manufacturers. In addition Tecknotrove offers convertible kits that are interchangeable equipment kits which fit onto base simulator platforms allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated.

Dumper/Haul Truck Simulator

Dumper/Haul Truck Simulator

Excavator Simulator

Excavator Simulator

Wheel Loader Simulator

Wheel Loader Simulator

Dozer Simulator

Dozer Simulator

Tipper Simulator

Tipper Simulator

Light Vehicle Simulator

Light Vehicle Simulator

Custom Mine Sites

Custom Mine Sites

Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Virtual Reality Training Solutions

TecknoSIM Benefits

Customized Training Programs

TecknoSIM works closely with its clients to develop programs that solve unique customer callenges in areas of safety, productivity, machine maintenance and availability of skilled operators. The programs are customised to incorporate client specific mine site environments, training language, training objectives, equipment types and assessment criterias. Accident recreation on simulators based on past incidences helps our clients train and prepare their operators better.

Standardized Training and Testing

Mining simulators deliver standardized training that is completely independent of the training site or the trainer. The training modules on the simulator are set in line with the learning objectives of the mine site, which makes it possible for the trainers to train and evaluate each operator on the same objectives, and achieve the desired results. This helps in improving the overall training and testing quality.

Reduced Machine Downtime

Machine downtime can be very expensive for mines. Whether it is taking real machines off production for training operators or for maintenance purposes machine downtime reduces the productivity levels of mines. TecknoSIM Simulators allow mines to train their operators safely in a virtual environment while keeping the actual machines for productivity. Mining equipment simulators also helps in analyzing poor operator behaviours like abrupt braking, abrupt gear change, over-speeding that damages the equipment. Simulators train the equipment operators to operate productively and safely while eliminating behaviors that cause machine abuse.

Emergency Situation Preparedness

TecknoSIM Simulators enable training operators and preparing them to react correctly in potentially life threatening situations. TecknoSIM puts equipment operators in a virtual environment to learn and practice their skills so they can have a better understanding of possible hazards on sites. On simulators they can safely practice responding to a range of emergency situations which is not possible to recreate behind the wheel or in classroom training.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Fuel accounts for a huge part of the mining cost. Hence it is becoming increasingly important for mining companies to control the cost of production by reducing the amount of fuel consumed per operations. TecknoSIM Simulators gives equipment operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while evaluating and analysing the behaviors that cause excess fuel consumption.

Improved Tire Life

Healthy tires are important to mining operations and their unscheduled maintainece or replacement can be very expensive. TecknoSIM Mining Simulators provides equipment operators the necessary skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause unnecessary tire wear. TecknoSIM simulators provides detailed reports on operator behaviors which directly impact tire life. This allows trainers to provide targeted training to operators that eventually helps in reducing the costs associated with tire damage and repair.


1. What VR features are available in Mining Simulator?

All TecknoSIM Mining Simulators are available in VR version. The simulated cab in the software provides a highly realistic replica of actual mine equipment, including fully functional simulated instruments and controls. The VR display allows an immersive and real-time environment for operators. The VR simulator allows remote training anywhere anytime

2. Can Mining Simulators be customized according to our requirements?

Yes, Mining Simulators can be customized as per the requirement of the client. Customisation includes developing digital twins of mine site environments – surface and underground, training language, training modules, simulator software and hardware and reporting systems and more

3. What is the turnaround time for a project?

At Tecknotrove, projects are delivered and completed within 6- 8 weeks. However, the turnaround time for a project depends on the type of project and customisation required

4. What is the cost of a Mining Simulator?

Mining Simulator costs can vary as per client’s requirement & based on complexity of the project. Low-cost simulators are available in desktop versions and VR versions

5. What is the after sales support for Mining Simulator?

All TecknoSIM Simulators carry an international warranty for 1 year. Online and Offline support is provided to the clients during this period. Thereafter the simulators are maintained with an extended warranty or Annual maintenance contract. Regular software updates are available during AMC.

6. I'm investing a huge amount of capital, what life expectancy should I expect from a simulator?

The average life of a simulator is 5 years depending on usage and wear and tear of the Simulator. You can expect a life expectancy of more than 5 years if the simulator is under warranty and maintenance by the manufacturer

7. How effective are Mining Simulators?

Simulator based training has proved to be highly efficient and cost effective. One of the biggest advantages of simulators is reduction in cost of training and operations. Simulator based training enables operators to be better trained and prepared leading to fewer accidents. This means less maintenance to equipment and less downtime. In addition to reduction in wear and tear on machinery and overall operating costs are also reduced

8. Does a motion platform provide realistic experience?

Yes, the motion platform provides highly realistic feedback on braking, turning, suspension, collision, and acceleration. The force feedback system on the steering wheel provides realistic sensory motions of tyres and terrain interaction.

9. What types of simulators are available for surface and underground mining?

  • Dumper Truck Simulator/ Haul Truck Simulator
  • Excavator Simulator
  • Backhoe Loader Simulator
  • Bulldozer Simulator
  • Tipper Truck Simulator
  • Motor Grader Simulator
  • Light Vehicle Simulator

10. What are the best VR training solutions in Mining?

The Best Virtual Reality (VR) training solutions in the mining industry are those that can help in training the mining operators effectively to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs.
Currently, VR is being used in numerous scenarios in the mining industry, including:
– Mine site familiarisation training
– Emergency preparedness training
– Working in Confined spaces training
– Training on equipment familiarisation & operations
– Training on machine inspection maintenance

11. Which is the best Vr solution provider for Mining Simulators?

Tecknotrove is one of the best VR Solution Providers in the Mining Industry that develops customized virtual training solutions for critical training applications. We develop fully customized VR training solutions that are capable of offering immersive learning experiences which can directly lead to higher productivity and efficiency in mining operations.

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