Linde ensures safe transportation with TecknoSIM Driving Training Solutions

Linde ensures safe transportation with TecknoSIM Driving Training Solutions

Linde ensures safe transportation with TecknoSIM Driving Training Solutions 1600 1200 Tecknotrove

Finding skilled drivers for safe transportation of dangerous goods has always been challenging . In fact after the pandemic hit , there has been an exponential increase in demand for skilled drivers that can safely transport dangerous goods like liquid oxygen . Linde – a leading global industrial gases and engineering company took quick steps to take control of the situation and appointed Tecknotrove – a specialist in Simulation and VR Training Solutions to set up a simulation centre for training hazchem drivers in Jharkhand.

This innovative project undertaken by Tecknotrove for Linde included development of tanker truck simulator carrying dangerous goods and replicating real life defensive situations commonly faced by drivers.. Defensive driving situations including pedestrians, two wheeler, rash drivers, animals and other distractions are recreated to provide a real time training in situations that were not possible to recreate in real life . “The simulation centre will surely enhance the driving skills of fleet and help the company in reducing the number of incidences” says Shantanu Gupta Director Tecknotrove Systems.

The simulator is installed at Linde plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The centre allows the drivers to practice driving skills in a highly realistic driving environment that replicates actual terrains , load and no load conditions of the truck , realistic weather and traffic conditions for training purposes . The modules inbuilt in the simulator allows standardised training and assessment of drivers .The potential accident situations replicated in the simulator from real life situations are used to train and prepare drivers for anticipating hazards in advance and driving defensively to be safe on road.

The main users of this truck simulator will be the drivers carrying hazardous goods or dangerous goods . The realistic hazard situations on a simulator will allow Linde to train drivers on situations that were not possible to recreate in actual on road training or classroom training, thereby improving the overall quality of training .

Tecknotrove is happy to contribute to Linde’s vision of safety and is proud to be their chosen partner for simulation based training solutions .We are very excited with the result achieved by this first phase of the project, which is the outcome of collaborative work between our two teams. The knowledge acquired during this project about Linde’s training requirements will undoubtedly help us to continue along this path for delivering similar solutions to Linde.

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