Tech Enabled Training for the Mining Industry

Tech Enabled Training for the Mining Industry

Tech Enabled Training for the Mining Industry 626 331 Tecknotrove

Shortage of skilled workers in the mining industry is a major problem across the globe. While hands-on training in an actual mining environment is a methodology used to train workers for decades now, but it provides limited real-life opportunities and exposure to risks associated with the job. This not only impacts the productivity at mines but also impacts the safety.

Tecknotrove develops virtual mines to where the trainees can safely experience, engage and understand surface and underground environments, hazards and emergency situations in a virtual world. Tecknotrove works with mining equipment manufacturers and governments to set up technology enabled learning centres that reduces the skill shortage gap and in turn improve productivity, safety and ultimately profitability for organizations

In this interview Payal Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems talks about how Simulators and Virtual Reality Solutions is helping the mining industry in attracting, skilling and retaining workforce and helping them improve productivity and safety at mines

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View TecknoSIM Mining Simulator in Action.

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