TecknoSIM demonstrates TecknoSIM Eco Driving Truck Simulator to Ratan Tata – Chairman Tata Motors

TecknoSIM demonstrates TecknoSIM Eco Driving Truck Simulator to Ratan Tata – Chairman Tata Motors

TecknoSIM demonstrates TecknoSIM Eco Driving Truck Simulator to Ratan Tata – Chairman Tata Motors 1920 1440 Tecknotrove


Tata Motors demonstrates the latest technology in driver training: “An Eco Driving Simulator” at the National Dealers Meet held in Mumbai on 5th -6thSeptember, 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel Powai. Installed at their recently inaugurated Driving Simulator Center in Pune Eco-driving Truck Simulator trains drivers how to Driving Safely & Fuel Efficiently. It monitors how your driver’s driving style affects the amount of fuel he uses.

The Eco Driving Simulator provides a real focus on cutting fuel use, cost and carbon dioxide emissions in everyday driving & helps businesses save money. The Simulator is just like driving a real vehicle. Based on a Tata 2515 Truck, It uses real vehicle controls like steering wheel, Gears, ABC pedals, complete activated dash board controls. Mounted on a a 3DOF Electric Motion Platform, the simulator provides a realistic motion feeling of driving a truck through muddy roads , slippery road, hills & ghats, city traffic etc. The Visuals are displayed through 3 Large LCD Display screen providing a highly immersive view. The Drivers cabin is connected to an instructor station that helps the trainers to set training scenarios & continuously monitor the drivers performance. Every mistake of the driver is recorded and printed in the form of an evaluation report. Manufactured by Tecknotrove Systems a Mumbai based company specializing in design and development of Training Simulators for Surface Vehicle, the simulator is being used to train their drivers on Safe and Skilled driving while improving their Fuel Efficiency skills which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and fuel costs. Ratan Tata was demonstrated the simulator during the Annual Dealers Meet in Mumbai Renaissance. He appreciated the Driving training realism and the Fuel economy benefits of the simulator and believes that this Training Tool must also be adopted for training Passenger Vehicle drivers across India. Commenting on the occasion, Shantanu Gupta, Director, Tecknotrove says, “Training on Eco Driving Simulator would help TATA Motors in improving their driver’s driving efficiency & would save them at least 10pc of the Fuel cost annually. Tecknotrove Systems based in Mumbai is the largest provider of Driver training simulators in India with employees in more than 4 sites across the country. Using interactive 3D technology, Tecknotrove creates training applications that allow people to build their skills in a practical and cost effective way. The company, which started with designing & developing car driving simulators for OEMS like Maruti Suzuki, Castrol, has now expanded to selling a variety of specialty simulators for military, airports, mining companies. The company has installed over 200 simulators worldwide & helped train over 10,000 drivers till date. Eco Driving (fuel efficiency) Training & Evaluation Simulator has been Tecknotrove’s latest development where driving simulator is designed to train drivers on “How to drive fuel efficiently”. This first of its kind driving simulator in India which will help transport companies save upto 15pc of their fuel costs annually. Since its founding, Tecknotrove has successfully completed numerous training applications for leading industry clients including OEMS like Castrol, Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda, Mining companies like Fomento, Sesa Goa & various Military & Governmental organizations worldwide. As one of the industry leaders, Tecknotrove continues to innovate in the virtual training world with professional, realistic and groundbreaking new simulation technology. Tecknotrove sets the standard for serious gaming and simulation solutions and advocates more effective training through enhanced virtual reality. Their mission is to provide a full range of High Quality simulation solutions for critical training applications at significantly lower cost.

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