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Driver Training Simulator Software Solutions Program India

For Driver training software, Tecknotrove offers a range of highly realistic simulators which are replica of all the vehicles on road. TecknoSIM Driving Simulators are conducive for novice training, refresher training, testing & evaluating skills of existing drivers.

Wide Range of Simulated Vehicles

Effective training and driver assessment solutions has huge impact on productivity and safety levels of the drivers. Tecknotrove offers highly realistic training simulators for a wide range of vehicles such as car, SUVs, vans, trucks, tankers, motorcycles and many more.

Our expertise in Surface simulation industry allows us to offer a fully-integrated suite of simulation products for driver training applications. Our product options range from desktop trainers to high fidelity simulators.

Customized Training Solutions

Tecknotrove always designs its products keeping the industry needs in mind. We have designed a wide range of simulators from compact & affordable simulators for driving school to high end simulators for logistics, oil & gas, government department & many more.

driver training solutions environment

We create customized traffic & road scenarios which prepare the drivers for road-related emergencies. It helps in building driver’s confidence before they drive on actual roads.

driver training program language

Local language is the key to effective training; TecknoSIM offers a variety of local languages and help our clients overcome the regional barriers of Training.

driver training simulator vehicles

Tecknotrove designs simulators for vehicles such as car, sedan, trucks, emergency vehicles in which genuine OEMs are used.

driver training solutions

We customize according to your training needs as well. We offer driver training services for those who wish to experience the simulator advantages without investing in one. To know more click here.

We ensure our customers have the appropriate training solutions that can help them achieve operator optimization and IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND OVERALL BUSINESS.

TecknoSIM Simulators are the best applied for:

  • Training new drivers on a range of vehicles
  • Refresher driving course for experienced drivers
  • Continuous training for improving productivity and safety
  • Driver assessments

“Customers recorded 20% decline in the fuel usage after TecknoSIM simulator training”

Quick Learning

A trainer often finds it difficult to train drivers who are nervous and scared to drive on road due to reasons such as age, background or by nature. A driving scenario acts as a practice ground where he can practice without the fear of having an accident. Once the fear has vanished from his mind, he can be trained on the road. Learning on a simulator is an immersive experience which ensures quick learning. It is scientifically proven that 1 hour of training on a simulator equals 3 hours of on road driving. Apart from it 70% of the learning happens on the simulator. 

Enhances Business

The success for any organization lies in enhancing their productivity. Our simulators are specifically designed for this purpose. Modules such as eco driving enhance driver skills which reduce the maintenance & fuel costs thereby improving your productivity. Simulator training covers most of the road hazards which ensures that the driver reacts appropriately on road & avoids accidents. In industries such as logistics, oil & gas safety plays a very important role in determining the brand image of the company.

Our Product Range

emergency vehicle driver training simulator

bus & truck driver training simulatorproduct-motor-bike
Our Advantage



TecknoSIM Driving Simulators train in the toughest environments without risk to the driver, personnel or vehicle. Drivers are trained for all weather conditions & times of day, handling emergency situations, like brake failures & engine fires which if occurred in reality, they would be aware & prepared to respond safely.


advantage---productivitySimulator training complements on road training by teaching up to 70% of the total course. Artificially intelligent traffic and replicated vehicle characteristics enhance the learning experience. Simulator simulates most of the on road nuisances in just 3-4 hours of training & boosts up driver’s confidence.

Enhanced Learning

Fuel efficient driving has become one of the major requirements in today’s world. Eco driving teaches practices which enables the driver to minimize the consumption of fuel & reduce the driving expenses. Our customers have reported 20% of fuel saving after being trained on our simulator.

Easy Updates

advantage-costsTecknotrove believes in continual innovation and comes up with newer software updates rapidly. We have designed our products such that the newer updates and features can be added to your installed machine. It makes our simulator flexible and versatile and ensures that our customers have access to the latest technology available in the market.