Shovel & Excavator Simulator

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Mining Shovel & Excavator Training Simulator

Simulator Range:



TecknoSIM Excavator Simulator is a highly realistic, effective and reliable simulator,  beneficial for training & evaluation, before operators work on actual machines. TecknoSIM Simulators help you train operators on standard & safe operating procedures as well as prepares them for emergency situations that help in increasing operator safety, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs.


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The simulator cab is equipped with fully functional controls including switches, gauges, control pedals and joysticks. The machine’s operational dynamics are based on detailed mathematical models that use vehicle manufacturer specifications to provide accuracy & realism. The cab is mounted on a Base Platform, which can be still, on a motion platform and is surrounded by an immersive display system with surround sound system.


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The operator’s actions while training like positioning, digging, dumping, maneuvering are continually monitored by the instructor station. Their adherence to safety procedures, correct equipment handling techniques and response to emergency situations are also monitored, recorded & printed. Trainee registration, scenario selection & communication with the trainees are some of the common features of this station.


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Inbuilt Modules are designed to train operators to increase efficiency, productivity and safety on the mine site. The simulator enables trainees to practice various techniques including Machine inspection, Controls Familiarization, Bucket Placement, Correct Digging & Loading, Positioning, Completing a Production Cycle, and more in a highly realistic virtual world. Operators are also trained for working in rough weather conditions and emergency situations.



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Product Features

Virtual Environment

excavator training virtual training

The simulated terrain truly replicates an actual mine & is populated with artificially intelligent vehicles, machines & humans. The environment includes separate crusher area, dump & pit areas, different soil types, dynamic weather conditions, day and night time scenarios & site related hazards and highly realistic sound effects.

Custom Mine Sites

mining shovel simulator sites

We create detailed replicas of your mines, so that you can train the operators in your own environment without having to leave the center or cross the safety limits. Training on Custom Mines prepares operators for site related emergencies, specific procedural training, site familiarization that enhances the abilities of the operators.



TecknoSIM offers unique feature of customizing the training curriculum to client specific language requirements. This option, offers the trainee the opportunity to learn and practice in his own language while making the training more relevant. Our experience lies in offering multiple Indian as well as international languages.


excavator training assessmentAssessment report on TecknoSIM is consistent & offers high degree of reliability. At the end of every session a detailed report displays the safety & productivity levels of the operator. Also, there are options to record and replay. Evaluation parameters include violation of safety rules, machine handling techniques, ability to manage hazards etc.

Display System

mining shovel simulator display system

Display options include LED Screens Display, Projection Systems with curved screens that provide a seamless & immersive view. The display systems provided are of latest generation and support high definition 3D graphics that immerses the operator into the simulated environment, which are backed up by Graphic cards from prominent manufacturers.

Base Platform

excavator training base platformTecknoSIM offers its clients an option of owning Multiple Equipment Simulators on the same Base Platform. TecknoSIM Base Platform includes the simulated cab, display system, computer systems, motion system and an instructor station. Base platform is designed to accommodate a wide variety of Convertible Kits for various earthmoving equipments.

Convertible Kits

convertible kitsTecknoSIM Base Platform accommodates a wide variety of Convertible Kits for various heavy earthmoving equipments which proves to be as a cost effective measure of training. Convertible kits are available for a range of equipments including excavator, dozer, loader, ripper, draglines, tipper trucks, dump trucks, and grader from different manufacturers.

Motion System

excavator training motion system

The Motion System lets the simulator reproduce the movements of the equipment on the mine & give the operator true sensations that increase the realism of their training experience. Both 3 Degree of Freedom (DOF) and 6 DOF motion platforms are available, based on electric actuator technology, which has low cost of maintenance.