Driving Simulators Train Women On Commercial Vehicles

Driving Simulators Train Women On Commercial Vehicles

Driving Simulators Train Women On Commercial Vehicles 720 480 Tecknotrove

Driving commercial vehicles was a profession for men until now not only in India but around the world. But post covid its been challenging for Logistics companies around the world to grow their business due to driver shortage especially post covid. Reports show that post-COVID-19 pandemic many drivers left their current trucking jobs and didn’t return.

However in recent years its interesting to see more and more women take the driving seat.

Trucking companies around the world are increasingly turning to women to fill the driver role. On the other hand, most of the women are taking up driving to create a different identity for themselves and to become independent.

Tecknotrove has been serving and providing Truck driving simulators in various skill development programs run by the Automotive Sector Skill Council, Logistics Sector Skill Council, Maruti Driving Schools, IDTR like CIRT are offering courses specifically designed for women interested in becoming commercial drivers. Government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana in India provide financial and skill development support to encourage women to take up non-traditional occupations like Driving.  In addition, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises are providing training and support to women through truck simulator training who want to enter the transportation sector. Government Technical Training Center in Ghana along with Scania set up a simulation based driver training center to help women become professional drivers. Similarly, BRAC in Bangladesh are helping women learn to drive and make a living of it

Truck driver training simulators are being used for training women in various countries around the world. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are investing in advanced training simulators, to train women as commercial truck drivers. Trucking companies in Canada and Australia Driving schools in European countries like the UK, Germany, and Sweden are also utilizing truck driving simulators for training women and promoting gender diversity in the transportation sector. These countries, among others, are recognizing the benefits of using simulators in truck driver training programs for women to provide a safe, effective, and comprehensive learning experience.

Several companies in India have started employing women drivers in recent years. Some of the companies known for employing women drivers like the e-commerce giants like  Flipkart and Amazon India have been actively hiring women drivers for their last-mile delivery services. Mahindra Logistics is known to have programs in place to train and employ women drivers for their logistics operations. In addition, Uber and Ola in India have also been working towards increasing the number of women drivers on their platforms, including in the commercial driving segment.

So more power to the women behind the driving seat. “Tecknotrove will keep innovating to develop the most advanced Driving Simulators to help Women become safe and efficient drivers” – Shantanu Gupta MD Tecknotrove Systems.

If you wish to train your women to become commercial drivers contact our experts today at sales@tecknotrove.com.

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