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Excavator and Shovel Simulator

TecknoSIM Excavator and Shovel Simulator is designed to train and test excavator operators. Excavator simulator is a realistic replica of an actual equipment and replicates the machine dynamics perfectly. It provides the trainees with a safe environment where they can refine their skills and improve their productivity and efficiency. TecknoSIM Excavator Simulator enables training on a range of operating scenarios that allows advanced operators to practice safely on mining operations as well as potentially life-threatening emergency scenarios. New operators learn to operate a shovel or excavator safetly on a simulator before operating the real equipment and experienced operators get a chance to further improve their skills.

Application of Excavator and Shovel Simulators

Control Familarisation
Hazard Identification
Accident Avoidance
Brake Management
Gear Management
Productivity Improvement
Tire Management
Fuel Management
Site Safety Training

Supported OEMs

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