TecknoSIM Training Simulators preparing Agniveers for Indian Defence forces

TecknoSIM Training Simulators preparing Agniveers for Indian Defence forces

TecknoSIM Training Simulators preparing Agniveers for Indian Defence forces 1156 517 Tecknotrove

In an effort towards enhancing the training and development of its forces and preparing Agniveers for the actual operations, Indian Army has acquired TecknoSIM Construction Equipment Simulators for its training base in Roorkee.

TecknoSIM Simulators procured by the Ministry of Defence will be used by the Indian Army to train new Agniveer recruits and also  prepare the experienced forces for advanced operations . Indian Army will now prepare its soldiers on excavating and dozing skills with TecknoSIM Defence Construction Simulators.

The Simulators provided by Tecknotrove Systems earlier this year are advanced motion simulators that are actual replicas of tracked excavators and dozers from Tata Hitachi . The Simulator provides a 120 degree seamless field of view to the soldiers that completely immerses them in the training environment. The advanced instruction  station from TecknoSIM enables the instructor to plan training multiple sessions and prepare the Agniveers for operating in difficult weather conditions and mountainous terrains . Detailed reports show the performance analysis of the soldiers and provide accurate feedback for their improvement.

TecknoSIM Excavator Simulators and TecknoSIM Dozer Simulators that are installed at the army training center in Roorkee  will help the Defence forces familiarise their Jawans with the equipment and help them practice the skills in a completely safe environment.

“India is seriously looking at developing its military capabilities and preparing their forces for every possible situation. Tecknotrove is proud to have been awarded with this prestigious project from the Indian Ministry of Defence and assures its continued service and support to the Defence Forces ” Shantanu Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems

From construction equipment simulators, to infantry combat training simulators, tank driving simulators systems, simulators play a critical role in reducing significant dependence on actual equipment and machines for training. Tecknotrove builds highly realistic and  immersive simulation technologies that will help Indian military and defence to transition from live training to simulated training. Training on simulators  will not only help them train with precision in a completely safe environment, but also help them reduce use of actual equipment, cost of wear and tear of on-field equipment and the associated training costs. TecknoSIM Training Simulators will help the defence forces significantly progress towards scaling their training practices.

For more information on TecknoSIM Defence Training Simulators contact the experts on sales@tecknotrove.com.

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