Virtual Reality – Transforming the Mining Industry

Virtual Reality – Transforming the Mining Industry

Virtual Reality – Transforming the Mining Industry 1920 1440 Tecknotrove

The dangers of mining operations are very well known. Inadequate training is often a root cause for many mining fatalities. Hands-on training in an actual mining environment provides only limited real-life opportunities, however virtual reality-based training can expose the workers to real-world working conditions without the associated risks. Hence there is a strong demand for Virtual Reality (VR ) in the mining industry, especially for solutions that can help in training the mining operators effectively to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Virtual Reality (VR) training in mining allows training the entire team of mining operators, workers, managers in order to make the entire mining process safe and more effective. Training in VR makes it possible to allow teams to practice their skills before they start working in real-world mining sites.

Currently, VR is being used in numerous scenarios in the mining industry, including:

The potential of VR in mining is truly infinite. With even more advancements in VR technologies, it will not only help mining-related companies in planning better strategies but also lead to a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Tecknotrove has vast experience in developing cutting-edge solutions for the mining industry for both surface mines and underground mines. Tecknotrove develops customized virtual training solutions for critical training applications for the mining industry.  “We develop fully customized VR training solutions that are capable of offering immersive learning experiences which can directly lead to higher productivity and efficiency in mining operations”, says Shantanu Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems. Tecknotrove has worked with some of the largest mining companies in the world including Debswana Mines, Rio Tino, Sesa Goa. They also work with some of the largest OEMs like Komatsu, Caterpillar, BEML, Volvo to name a few.

About Tecknotrove

Tecknotrove is a leading provider of technology-enabled training solutions.  Tecknotrove’s expertise lies in developing customized Simulators, Augmented reality solutions, Virtual Reality solutions, and  Gamified Training Solutions for industry and government. Tecknotrove’s years of experience and success across industries is because of its passion and dedication to find better ways to train people, improve safety, reduce cost and increase productivity. With the global experience of more than 800 projects delivered across 24 locations worldwide, Tecknotrove has helped train and skill millions of users. For further information visit

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