Emergency Vehicle Simulator

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Emergency Vehicle Driver Training


TecknoSIM emergency vehicle simulators train and evaluate the operators of emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire brigade and police vehicles. It is ideal to train novice operators so that they can confidently face the situations in real life with minimal mistakes. Faults can be introduced by the trainer during the on-going training exercise.


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The cockpit of the driving station is designed with reference to the make of the vehicle used by the client. In addition to basic controls such as steering wheel, ABC pedals, gear stick etc other equipments such as GPS system, radio system, siren controls are also present. It has options of being mounted on still platform as well as motion platform. The display and sound system ensures immersive environment.


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The instructor station (IOS) enables the trainer to monitor & control the training sessions. It is also useful in controlling the training scenarios by selecting the required terrain, changing the weather conditions. The trainer can also introduce faults in the vehicle like tyre burst, engine failure. Reports can be generated right after the exercise is finished.


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The conditions that emergency scenario simulation demands are completely different from the normal driving scenarios. The situations are much more critical and so is the training. An environment of urgency and criticalness needs to be created in the simulation. Our team understands this very requirement and designs the scenarios which cater to these training needs.


emergency vehicle driver training demo

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Product Features



TecknoSIM offers unique feature of customizing the training curriculum to client specific language requirements. This option, offers the trainee the opportunity to learn and practice in his own language while making the training more relevant. Our experience lies in offering training software in multiple Indian as well as international languages.

Assesment & Report

emergency vehicle driver training assessment

Assessment report on TecknoSIM is consistent & offers high degree of reliability. At the end of every session a detailed report displays the safety & productivity levels of the driver. There is also an option to record and replay. Evaluation parameters include violation of safety rules, vehicle-handling techniques, ability to manage hazards, etc.

Defensive Driving

emergency vehicle defensive training

Defensive driving is the core of our training modules. With this module drivers experience firsthand, the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. They face real life hazards, while trying to manage the task of driving safely. The behavior of the surrounding traffic is designed such that it induces defensive driving on the part of the driver.

Base Platform

emergency vehicle driver base platform

Motion System lets the simulator reproduce the movements of the vehicle on road & gives the driver true sensations that increase the realism of their training experience. Both 3 Degree of Freedom (DOF) and 6 DOF motion platforms are available, based on electric actuator technology, which has low cost of maintenance. We also have an option of still platform.

Fuel Efficiency

fuel efficiency

TecknoSIM Eco Driving module trains divers on fuel efficient driving skills that can save up to 10 to 15% of fuel cost. The simulator trains and tests the drivers on cost efficient driving habits that not only saves fuel but also reduce wear and tear of engine, tyres leading to overall cost saving. The performance report shows how his fuel usage has changed before and after training.

Clinical Tests

emergency vehicle clinical tests

TecknoSIM clinical test enables the fleet owners to test the psychometric and mental capabilities of a driver. The driver is tested on parameters such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, aptitude, judgment test and many more. Reports can be generated and weak areas of the driver can be improved. This test has been used by leading players of the logistics industry.