30 Jan

Virtual Reality – A Game Changer For Training And Skill Development

Virtual reality - a game changer for training and skill development

The Indian government plans to skill 40.2 core workers by 2022. And thanks to the ‘Make in India’ program and the large consumer base, India is now becoming an attractive destination for companies.

Given the large student population in India, the ongoing need for skilled people to run the industries, and not enough trainers in the market, we need to adopt more scalable and scientific forms of training and skill development.

Earlier rejected as a video game, virtual reality (VR) and simulator-based training technology are changing how training programs are delivered.

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22 Jan

How do we skill 45 lakh workers in the mining sector?

Why is it that mines in India have to issue license for Peruvians to come and work in mines in Rajasthan in large numbers to operate jumbo drill operators and forklift operators and mine blasters ?

Because we don’t have skilled manpower …. Only about 3.5 percent of the workforce is skilled in India.

In a recent interview Mr .Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship said the government will update the existing skill development policy to meet the current needs.

He wants to train the Youth of India to become skilled to operate heavy equipment infrastructure used in Indian Mines.

Simulation helps training operators facing dangerous or high risk situations, and gives them an opportunity to practice difficult maneuvers without the risk.Simulator based training provides operators with highly realistic environment with real machines, realistic weather and close to reality training scenarios that cannot be replicated with real life , on a real machine.

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21 Jan

Mahindra Blazo Truck Simulator by TecknoSIM


A highly realistic truck simulator

I had a pleasure of holding a wheels in Blazo Simulator arrange during India Expo Mart. It was positively a nice drive with clean rigging altering and responsive accelerator. The drivers chair is adjustable, cosy and provides good perspective of a travel forward. The cabin could be really atmospheric and embellished adult properly. READ MORE…

20 Jan

Driver Training For Fets and Businesses

All businesses need to make sure their drivers are safe and productive when driving.

TecknoSIM Training Services has the experience, knowledge and qualified trainers to help you identify, assess and manage the risks of your company or fleet vehicle drivers.

TecknoSIM Training Services specializes in helping companies identify people and process challenges that may be preventing their organizations from achieving optimal results. Our goal is to partner with corporates to assess, envision, develop and execute meaningful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions. Read More…

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