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21 Jan

Mahindra Blazo Truck Simulator by TecknoSIM


A highly realistic truck simulator

I had a pleasure of holding a wheels in Blazo Simulator arrange during India Expo Mart. It was positively a nice drive with clean rigging altering and responsive accelerator. The drivers chair is adjustable, cosy and provides good perspective of a travel forward. The cabin could be really atmospheric and embellished adult properly. READ MORE…

20 Jan

Driver Training For Fets and Businesses

All businesses need to make sure their drivers are safe and productive when driving.

TecknoSIM Training Services has the experience, knowledge and qualified trainers to help you identify, assess and manage the risks of your company or fleet vehicle drivers.

TecknoSIM Training Services specializes in helping companies identify people and process challenges that may be preventing their organizations from achieving optimal results. Our goal is to partner with corporates to assess, envision, develop and execute meaningful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions. Read More…

19 Jan

The Role Of Simulators In Driver Training


Driving simulators are a useful training tool for novice driver training and road safety education. It enables drivers to develop and practice a range of skills like vehicle control, parking, turning, lane management, driving in difficult weather conditions, hazard perception without any risk of accident or distraction.

For advanced driver training, simulators enables to train drivers on situations you can’t replicate in real life — a tire blow-out, for instance or hazardous weather conditions. Hazard perception is the skill most widely trained using a TecknoSIM simulator. Since hazard perception relies on observation and visual scanning, this skill requires simulation-based programs to be effective.

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